Aurora Sensualis

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Erotica
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The night is cold and still. Snowflakes bounce lightly against the glass panes of our igloo, leaving a powdery trace behind as they vanish from existence. A small but rather powerful and cleverly disguised electric heater purrs nearby our feet, radiating a pleasing heat all around us. A candle effect lamp flickers to our left, resting atop a low oak nightstand. The lamp cast dancing shades around us, somehow adding to the unnatural warmth of the place. In fact, it feels impossibly hot within the igloo. We are in the middle of an ice plateau after all, 10 feet of solid snow covering the terrain as far as the eyes can see. Just beyond our field of vision, the flickering lights of the hotel are but a mere ghostly glow, fading in and out of the horizon like a night mirage.

Our own bodies pulsate and shine with their own power; humming lines of pure lustful energy run through them. We are bare, naked under the Artic night, yet the temperature around us seems to rise steadily as the hours tick away with monotonous indifference.

My body is in a sitting position, propped against a very comfortable set of purple pillows. My legs are crossed, and your own, beautiful body rests in between them.

Your skin is bathed in scented oil. The fluid makes your body shine and glisten in the night. Outside, the snowfall has abated a little, but the awareness of sex, desire, and lust has only grown stronger. My hands glide down your body easily, your skin is as smooth and terse as it always has been. As they do, a soft moan escapes from your throat, encouraging me to go on. I massage your body slowly, gently. I take my time touching you, letting you feel me, feel the sensation of my flesh caressing yours, inch by inch until not a single pore on your chest and neck remains untouched.

The massage is long, intimate, and wonderfully erotic. Your body, your senses, your entire being becomes aroused. Even the sheer cold of the Artic circle is powerless to stop our sexual drive for one another.

We kiss, our tongues linked in a soothing bond. Our saliva mixes, the taste of erotic love cascading down each other’s throat. The kiss ebbs and flows; raw, sexual forces long caged become unleashed. The flame ignites, and the fire burns bright and hot.

I position your body in such away so I can fuck you from behind and under, your legs well spread and open into the Artic sky. Your back turned towards me, so you can gaze at the immense, frozen eternity that opens up just beyond the thin glass surrounding us.

Your pussy gives way easily as my hard cock enters it. Slowly, without haste I push inward. Sexual love must not be rushed. The seduction of a night of passion is to be relished, lived and experienced free of needless, meaningless concerns about time or reason. A lover’s night is a gift, a token to be given to your partner with the utmost care and devotion.

We begin to move, your arms extended behind you, palms of your hands pushed against my chest so you can support your body. My own hands hold you by the waist, every now and then caressing your back and your breasts. I hear your moans of pleasure, the music of your body fills the place with a sensual tune.

And as we fuck, something wonderful occurs. The Aurora Borealis looms out of the night sky. I see it first, because your eyes are closed in sheer ecstasy. I reach out and turn off the candle lamp. Darkness descends quickly, yet this will only enhance our visual experience.

‘Open your eyes, baby,’ I whisper. ‘Look at the night.’

‘Oh God,’ you say. ‘That’s incredible!’

The Aurora’s glow is very faint at first. Beams of greenish shine ebb and bob across the horizon as protons and electrons become superexcited in the highest layer of the atmosphere. Waves of light sweep across the Artic night, almost directly overhead.  It’s a wondrous sight.

I fuck you harder now, just as the Auroras’ phantom glow envelopes your body. Your skin shines with a faded, green hue. As your orgasm approaches, a crescendo of eldritch, eons old light becomes entwined and embedded into your own female pleasure, now reaching its peak. A long, heartfelt scream of raw delight escapes into the night, where it rises in crescendo with those beautiful, eternal Auroras.


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