Posted: June 2, 2015 in Erotica
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It begins deep within your pussy, deep within your innermost centre of pleasure. It feels like a raging vortex of swirling sexual energy twisting you inside out.

There is an urgent feeling of longing, followed by an even more demanding feeling to be fucked harder, to make your body cross the point of no return.

The hardest cock slides in, all the way to the hilt, eight inches of pure carnal delight fill your open cavity with raw, primordial pleasure. As my cock reaches deeper than anyone else before, your entire body teeters on the edge of ecstasy.

Your legs are wide open, pushed apart by my hands, gripping your ankles so you’re forcibly held, exposed. Your clit is now tumescent, its blood flow increased tenfold. Your bud of infinite satisfaction is clearly visible to me; it’s swollen, beautifully aroused, its fleshy hood retracted so that the natural allure of your clit becomes a beacon of physical pleasure. It calls my name with a velvet, seductive voice that drifts on sensual wings.

The relentless stimulation caused by my cock and voice drives your mind and body beyond all control. Orgasm is imminent now, you feel it in every fibre of your being. The time for self-restrain has long passed, left behind and overtaken by preternatural lust and desire. All you want at this point is to come, and more precisely, you want me to make you come, to make your body reach a satisfying climax. Your screams of pleasure leave no doubt as to how you’re feeling, and you know that all I want is for you to experience as much pleasure as possible while you’re with me.

Thus, I thrust harder now, taking hold of your hard, erect nipples. I squeeze them, twist them  hard. The sensual hurt triggers the first wave of orgasmic contractions. You begin to scream, the muscles around your vagina suddenly becoming alive. Savage ripples of sheer delight radiate downwards from your lower belly, through the walls of your pussy, reverberating around your inner lips, and coiling over your clit. Your soft bud throbs wildly, sending pleasure signals to your brain. Your entire body shakes as you cum, natural fluid oozing through the walls of your vagina, permeating your pussy with beads of pure, delightful moisture. Somewhere deep inside your mind you know I will soon lick you clean; you know that my tongue will become another instrument for your pleasure. All that ooze, all that sweet sex fluid, will become my nepenthe.

But for now, I just want you to keep coming for me. I want to drive your mind delirious with pleasure. I take my cock out of your pussy and watch your inner lips quiver, your pussy contracts rapidly, right before my eyes. Your moans of pleasure are music to me. My cock glistens, soaked with your cum. A long strand of fluid hangs in between us. I pick it up with my fingers and lick it into my mouth; it taste sublime.

As you experience a heightened orgasm, I sink my cock into your ass, and as I do, your pussy keeps contracting, gripped by a tight wave of orgasmic ripples. I feel your muscles clenching around my cock, I feel the pureness of your desire all the way around my shaft. Thus, I press harder, your ass opens and dilates for me.

The night is young and the moon is high. The morning dawn is a distant mirage, and all the hours in between will be filled with your moans and my cum, combining to create a long, long night of pleasure like no other…


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