Posted: June 2, 2015 in Erotica
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The human body; that hallowed vessel of lasting, lingering pleasure.

We are innately born with the capacity of using our physical forms to satisfy the lust of others while indulging our own.

The joy of giving physical pleasure to another, to induce physical bliss on our lover’s body, should be the resolute goal of a loving soul. Only when we see the reflection of our own raging desire burning within the eyes of our lover we can truly say that the physical and mystical connection is complete.

Those sixty seconds of primordial, raw pleasure, grip body and soul like an electric current. It is a time of sheer sensuous indulgence, when all that matters is the continuation of such overwhelming assault on the senses. In those moments of total physical exhilaration, the entirety of our lifeforce swirls around the lovers’ bodies like a maelstrom of sensuality. Both minds become enthralled within a galaxy of complex fetishes and desires.

The true meaning of love and lust is written on the flesh of our paramour. The paroxysm at the cusp of ecstasy carves the flesh with a rune of sensual pain, when those fingers run down the body of our chosen one, etching dolorous suffering as they dig a crimson path of delicious pain.

Each body becomes a blank canvas in which to draw our own desire, using the tools given to us by Nature. Every inch of us is made for pleasure, for rejoicing in sexual contact, over and over. Nights and days of relentless coming, until the souls of both lovers cry tears of pure, crystalline satisfaction.

In the end, there is a total and absolute infatuation of the senses, when all that matters is the perpetuation of our own sexual immortality inside our lover’s welcoming body.


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