The Keeper

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Erotica
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Feel the ropes braiding your body, these cords that transform your flesh into a work of artful submission. Taste the tight coils of binding desire wrapping around you.

I am your Keeper, I yearn to chasten you, to take you as I please. Your soul was born into bondage, let me shine a lustful light to guide it home.

Bend your arms and part your legs. The crimson streaks on your skin will carve your Master’s will. Let your Keeper quench your thirst for pleasure and pain. The palms of your hands under my gaze shall prove your devotion, show them to me. I will enter your body and make you rejoice in your thrall.

The rope that swathes around your body tightens its grip, biting into you as I thrust. Every muscle in your body feels the primordial, bewitching power weaved into it.

We become an entity of raw list as we live and fuck through this moonless night. Sounds of native symbiosis dispel our misguided inhibitions.

I am your Owner, your Lover

I am your Keeper, forever eternally.


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