The Pleasure Dome

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Erotica
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Cass @ Serene Prime, Interactive Zero G Chamber, Io’s orbit. 386 days out

Log entry 112. Midnight.

Cass and I float in mid air inside the Atrium (or the Fuck Dome, as we like to call it), at the very top of the Serene Prime, our pleasure ship. The Fuck Dome is a transparent, semi-circular structure, about the size of half a football field, fully adapted for zero-G sex.

The ultimate playground for pleasure seekers.

We dance in the embrace of lovers, our bodies joined, drifting through the emptiness of the Dome. The landscape to our lovemaking is a marvelous spectacle of spinning galaxies, shooting stars, and wandering comets. We fuck against the background of an eternal, immense universe. Our bare bodies twist and spin and tilt, hovering amongst the wondrous vacuousness of the Fuck Dome.

Cass’ legs are tightly wrapped around my waist, her toned, pale body firmly pressed against mine. I kiss her crimson lips as we slowly gyrate in nothingness. It’s not our first time making love in zero gravity, but the sense of total freedom it imbues into us never ceases to amaze. Both the body and the mind are free. Amidst the vast reaches of cold space only the two of us truly exist.

We ascend towards the top of the Dome, our shapes describing a sensual spiral of mutual love and understanding. I thrust ever so gently into Cass as we soar, her soft moans trailing behind us like a beautiful, ethereal veil. The sounds of her pleasure reverberate across the Dome, echoing and bouncing hither and thither, becoming amplified.

I can feel the quickening of my lover’s breathing as her excitement grows. Cass’ nipples, hard and erect as two small diamonds, almost pierce my own chest. Her long, fiery red tresses sway and undulate as we surge upwards. My eyes never leave Cass’ emerald green gems. The hauntingly enchanting magnetism of that stare holds me to ransom on this infinite lover’s night.

I move around, pulling Cass’ body over, so she’s on top of me. I’m now floating upside down. In a well rehearsed movement, I clasp her hands so she doesn’t drift away and she straddles my cock, her thighs and knees tightly stuck to my hips. I keep thrusting as we soar higher and higher, slowly rising close to the Dome’s upper surface. I can see the stars beyond, twinkling silently. Nebulae drift endlessly high up in heaven, as I make love to Cass and she makes love to me. An overwhelming sense of belonging and surrender pervades me.

I grip my beloved’s hands tighter, never wanting to let go. All we have is each other, our love born out of an eternity of dying suns, the molten passion of two lovers lost in the stream of a timeless, boundless eternity.

Cass’ head tilts back, her moans becoming louder and more intense. We’re perhaps 50, 60 feet off the ground, and I know she’s about to reach climax. Zero G orgasms are ten times more intense than those experienced earthbound. The body is totally free, unshackled from any physical restrictions. When she cums in the Dome, I swear, I can see a faint halo radiating out of her quivering body, a soft, ghostly manifestation of sheer pleasure outlining her beautiful shape against the dark backdrop of the vacuum beyond. Sometimes I let go of her hands as climax takes her, so her body floats free as she experiences sexual ecstasy. Cass knows I love watching her orgasm, so she opens her legs wide and arches her back as she drifts away from me, her pussy squirting out long, thick strands of fluid. I let Cass relish in her own pleasure as her body hovers free, caught in the throes of wild orgasms, and I watch the droplets of cum band together in odd ways. Zero gravity does funny things to fluids. They sort of wave about, bobbing this and that way. We sometimes attempt to catch that vital essence with our hands, but it’s hard. Cum seems to have a life all of its own, and perhaps it just does, we just don’t always see it because we don’t want to believe such thing.

The nectar of the gods, Cass and I love playing with each other’s sex dew. Every now and then she’ll hold tight onto me from behind, her legs wrapped around my waist, and she’ll stroke me gently and slowly, nipping at my back, licking my skin as our bodies glide across the Dome. Cass’s aware of how my body works, and knows how to work it to give me the best pleasure I’ve ever experienced. She’ll expertly bring me to orgasm, the wonderful touch of her fingers moving up and down my erect cock, taking me to the point of no return, and then she’d quickly move down and around, holding onto my hard shaft. She would just stick out her tongue and let it touch the tip of my hardness as I cum. Long jets of hot sperm would shoot out, and they’ll immediately start to bob and float about. Danica will look into my eyes as she playfully attempts to catch every last droplet into her mouth. The lust and the awareness of sex and desire at that particular moment excites me beyond belief.

We reach the top of the Dome, our bodies hot and wet with perspiration and raw passion. Cass leans against the glass and spreads her legs, knees and feet tight against the translucent surface of the Dome. The colossal reaches of the Universe breathe and pulse mere inches away from her alabaster skin. I enter her from behind, my cock slides in easily into my eternal lover. She moans loudly, and as she does, her breath bounces off against the Dome and leaves a hazy imprint onto its glassy surface. I watch it slowly fade away as I reach around and start massaging her breasts. I move without haste, without rush. I want her to enjoy this moment of sexual bliss, of being fucked as she watches the infinity of space drifting by. Time ceased to have meaning for us long ago. To us, only each other exists, and only our undying passion matters. We rid ourselves of conventions eons ago, and embraced eternal sensuality.

Cass’ nascent orgasm will bring us closer, a holy union of two lovers dreaming of an endless night, of a never ending voyage of exploration, testing the boundaries of pleasure. My lover’s unblemished body quivers with delight, the muscles under her satin skin ripple and flex. I take hold of her wrists and spread her arms apart, at the same time entering her as deep as I can. I thrust faster now, our bodies fused in perfect harmony. Cass whispers words of ecstasy as she reaches the apex of her pleasure, her mind and senses overwhelmed with sheer delight, and as she climaxes, the eons old shine of a white dwarf lights up the cosmos. The luminous phosphorence of the dying star seems to beat and pulsate in synchronicity with Cass’ orgasming body. This vital moment is permeated with the beauty of angels.

We remain motionless at the top of the Dome for another while, our bodies still fused together. The still quiescence of the Dome is the only witness to our passion and love,

limitless as the Universe itself. Centuries will come and go, Cass and I will one day die within the aseptic halls of the Serene Prime, but death seems an insignificant price to pay in exchange for an eternity spent together.

Cass falls asleep in my arms. I embrace my darling as a peaceful slumber befalls her. I gently kiss her and just look beyond, watching the boundless frontiers of space welcome us into their bosom.


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