The Prisoner

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Erotica
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I am the Prisoner

I am the Captive, chained by your will.

I am the Recluse, a wanderer lost within your soul.

Long strands of your seed tether me to your love, you have deemed me worthy to be shackled for the unleashing of your lust. Restrained for you, take me as I am, my one and only Owner. I belong to you.

Heaven’s hung in obsidian and crimson tonight, two lovers’ playful time.

Away on this sheltered haven, these chains and strings bind more than our flesh. Breathing each other’s air, sharing each other’s heartbeat, our bodies rise and fall, twist and turn.

I am dominated by your uniqueness, submissive to your erotic charm. I can feel your inner thrall, pulling me, dragging me even deeper into you until our bodies and souls are but one and the same.

I am the Prisoner within you.

I am the Captive, bound to serve my Master.

I am the Recluse, shining like a dark star beyond a veil of light.


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