Beautiful awakening

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Erotica
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The first beams of daylight filter through the curtains. The warmth of mid Spring sun feels good on your skin. Your body, bare and beautiful, rests on this early morning time. Last night’s session went on until the early hours, and your pussy still throbs and aches a little, oozing sweet moisture that gathers and drips down onto the sheets. Lingering arousal braids your shape like a phantom.

A single sheet covers your flesh, but it is a little cold this morning. Looking for warmth, you snuggle up closer to me. Your beautiful body fits quite snugly around mine, and soon both our bodies become entwined, my arms crossed around your chest.

We remain in such embrace for a while, and even our breathing becomes synchronized. Our bodies rise and fall together, and as they do, I begin licking the back of your neck. My tongue feels sensual on that sensitive spot just below the hairline. I lick shallow at first, using just the tip of my tongue here and there. Your heartbeat quickens.

I begin licking faster; my tongue leaves long, wet trails across your skin. Your legs shift, parting a little as your arousal awakens.

Using the index and forefinger on each hand, I begin squeezing your nipples, gently at first, then steadily increasing the pressure, timing each squeeze with a long lick of your neck. You moan deeply, because you love pressure on your nipples. I clamp them hard, squeezing tight. This makes your pussy swell up with blood and begin throbbing. Early morning dew drips out, you would love to have it sucked out.
‘Fuck me, please,’ you whisper with urgency, ‘Please.’

I turn you over and grab your hands, holding them tight above your head. In the same movement, I enter you. My hard cock slides in easily, all the way. Your pussy is soaking wet, full of lust and desire,

You moan long and deep when we connect, our bodies now joined in sensual embrace. I begin thrusting, and as I do, your legs wrap around my waist to keep me inside you, to swallow my body into yours, to make me yours altogether.

Morning begins as the night ended, with two lovers expressing their lust for each other, making a sensual dream a reality.

Later, when the Spring sun is highest in the sky, our bodies will remain joined, in motion, living and experiencing a constellation of sexual pleasure and carnal delight.

And much later, at nightfall, we will rest, exhausted but very satisfied, our bodies carved with the shape of each other, and when the sun rises again, our endless addiction to our mutual orgasm will take us over once more.


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