Posted: June 8, 2015 in Erotica
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moonThe sky is red and wild. The fading daylight bathes the world with a darkening layer of misty shadows. As nightfall takes over, a moon of unusual brightness hangs low up in the sky. Perfectly round and fat, the full moon reigns in the night landscape.

You are facing this wondrous spectacle. Your body, beautifully bare, shines under the silvery moonlight. Your hands, tied to a branch above your head with a length of hemp, feel snug. I made sure that your elbows can flex a little, to make it more comfortable for you.

I stand behind you, watching the contour of your beautiful body outline against the lunar background. The moon is so bright tonight that you are but a mere, fleeting shadow. Yet, your gorgeous curves could seduce a God.

I lean against your back. Your skin feels warm in this summer night. You moan a little when my body touches yours, and your head falls back onto my shoulder. I cup your breasts, kneading them, feeling your strong heart beating underneath. I squeeze your nipples and nip at your neck at the same time, puling the soft tissue into my mouth. You moan a bit louder, and somewhere in the distance, an owl responds.

Up in the sky, the lunar eclipse has begun. It’s only a thin sliver of darkness yet, but clearly visible all the same. Tonight is a night for magic, and passion. The haunted lust of two lovers unchained, unshackled.


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