The reader

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Erotica
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The woman laid on the black, shiny PVC sheet. She was bare, her slender body in full view of the couple beside her.

The bedding material felt a little weird on her skin at first. It was her first time using it, after all. But it also felt oddly sensual, as if the PVC touched fibres of her body that no other material ever could.

The male and female were also bare, their bodies already oiled and glistening in the dim candlelight. A slight draft made the eldritch flames on the red candles flutter.

The male began reading to the woman on the sheet; his voice was soft, steady, and eerily quaint, like a familiar scent one never forgets. As he read, the female gently placed a blindfold over her eyes and secured it with a sharp tug. Then, she softly kissed her lips from behind, her terse, smooth hands gingerly holding both sides of her head, fingers touching the throat. The kiss was brief and fleeting, yet immensely arousing. The woman’s tongue darted out and touched her own before withdrawing, sending a sensual shiver of pleasure through her body.

As the male read and the blindfolded woman listened, his partner began pouring oil on her body.  A warm trickle of sensuous fluid that streamed down her curves. She sighed, finding the combination of exciting words and that oil on her skin deeply arousing. Her pussy quivered and began throbbing, and as the female’s soft hands began spreading all that fluid around her body, she moaned and wished for this night to be endless.


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