Sensual dawn

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Erotica
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A gentle breeze blows in through the open window, cooling your body, It’s early morning still. Dark grey tones tint the sky, yet a faint sliver of daylight slowly rises far in the horizon. Right beyond our curtains, gentle waves roll in ashore. Their soft, whispering voice speaks of peace and yet undiscovered love.

Your mind’s still hazy, not fully asleep but not fully awake either. Your consciousness traverses that mist-covered world of in-between dreams and reality. Yet, you feel incredibly aroused. Thoughts of last night’s long and passionate lovemaking session nearly break through the barrier of wakefulness, but a new, intensely pleasurable sensation soon takes over.

The next feeling you experience on your journey back to the real world is a very wet one. Somewhere deep inside the fathomless recesses of your mind, you realize that your pussy is oozing. Thick, sticky fluid flows from inside you, and you also realize something else, much to your delight. This sudden awareness induces a long, deep moan to rise from deep within you. Your legs part open involuntarily.

You spend the next few minutes just enjoying the moment, as your dreams slowly fade into reality. The pleasure is total, you feel dominated by it, subdued, and controlled by ecstasy. You wilfully give into its power. My tongue becomes your instrument of joy, dedicated to please you and nobody else.

You feel my flesh lapping you slowly, and gently. Never was your awakening as sweet and sensual as this one. Your beautiful eyes, still only half open, look down and stare into mine. I’m looking up at you, as my tongue slowly glides up and down your pussy. Your well of pleasure drips morning dew right into me, and I lap it up with sheer delight. Your taste is my addiction.

You’re fully awake now, and enjoying the experience. Your bare body is hot and ready, the cool early morning breeze replace by a warm feeling. The first light of day is still a distant mirage.

I keep lapping your pussy, up and down, sometimes focusing on your clit. It is very swollen, ripe for cumming. I lick and nibble it with my lips, sending shards of raw pleasure up every nerve ending in your body.

You’re entirely under my spell now, hooked by the pure, raw sexual energy I’m infusing into you, with my tongue, my fingers, my cock. Your body and mine are but two halves of a precious coin. I hear you moan, I hear you beg, I hear your heart beating hard and fast. Your legs begin quivering, and orgasm follows soon after.

I hold your pussy open as you cum, watching its inner muscles squirt fluid out as you scream with pleasure. My mouth is open wide for you, and I take in all your sweet cum into me, right into my own being.

We are now together, as together as two lovers can be.


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