Holiday erotica

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Erotica
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The couple next door and one floor below our holiday apartment are making love, we can see them from our bedroom window. He is wearing nothing, she’s wearing just a pair of knee-high PVC boots.

It’s a hot, full moon night. The silver glow cast on the lovers below us match our own. The woman is sitting right on the edge of their bed, her legs open wide. He holds her open by clasping her ankles with his hands. The man wants to make sure her lover’s pussy is stretched open, so he can lick it unhindered.

On our own bed, a light breeze filters through the open window and makes the curtains flutter. I hold your hands together behind your back as I fuck you, your moans of pleasure mixing with that of the woman below in a sensual crescendo. Both females being pleasured at the same time, near ecstasy.

You turn your head towards them as your own orgasm approaches. My cock hardens inside you, cause I know you are enjoying the unexpected show. You watch her head tilt back, her mouth open. Her lover works his tongue on that open pussy expertly, and you can just make out his hard cock, ready to please her further. In a moment of indescribable lust, you imagine that male’s cock pounding your pussy, making you scream, expertly rocking your body until he makes you cum.

I can feel you start to climax, your hands now clawing at my back, you beg me to fuck you harder. I do so, I want to please you, to pleasure you, to give you the best sensations you’ve ever had. Every fibre of your body is reaching orgasm, your brain blinded by sheer delight. I sink my lips right into your neck as you cum, licking your throat. Your pussy begins to contract rapidly, and as it does, images of the same thing happening to the woman below flash through your mind. Images of that other female’s pussy full of wanting cock, full of male flesh, an engorged shaft overflowing with sweet cum for her.

Your body starts rocking, and your moans and screams of pleasure rise up in sync with those of the beautiful redhead below. You both cum at the same time, and as you do, her eyes and yours lock. You watch each other climax, her pussy oozing fluids just as yours does. Sexual images of your male lovers dipping their tongues right into your soaked pussies only keeps your orgasm going for longer. The ecstasy of sex, the sheer sensuality of bodies fucking each other, the cacophony of fulfilled desire, all this makes you want to fuck me and them all night.

Your heart is racing in your chest, your pussy oozing molten cum. You breathe in heavily, my body pressed right against yours. I kiss your mouth, lick your lips, your neck. Every inch of you I want to devour.

When you look over at them again, you see they’re watching us, smiling. His hand running down her hot body.

They’re beckoning us…

  1. Oh boy. I’d go for a cold shower only I can’t stand up.

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