Posted: June 17, 2015 in Erotica
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The female took on a new shape, half human, half something else. One could be forgiven for seeing a goddess in her. She crawled over on all fours, her movements swiftly graceful and elegant, like a panther’s. Her long, long tresses, white as snow, trailed behind as she stalked the shifting male.

The female’s eyes glowed dark green, close to obsidian. There was an eldritch fire blazing in them, primordial, basic; the fire of eternal and unabated lust for wild sex.

The female closed the distance between her and the male. Her naked body, ghostly pale but perfectly shaped, oozed pheromones. The skin, taut and young and white, captured the moonlight and reflected it all around her as she moved closer to her quarry. High up in the dusky sky, a shooting star described a perfect arc and left a scorched path behind.

The male offered no resistance when she wrapped herself around him. The female’s body slowly coiled itself around his, long strands of white hair circling his thick legs, his chest, and his cock. He was ready for her.

The male’s shifting subsided, his body now fully dominated by hers. He put up no resistance.

She bared her lips, revealing long, sharp teeth as white as the rest of her, and for a moment it seemed as if she would just use them to tear a chunk of male flesh. Instead, the teeth parted and let a forked tongue, crimson red in color, slide out. She used this unholy appendage to lick his entire body, slowly, greedily. The look of lust and potent desire blazing in her eyes, unmistakable.

She took her time, her pale body gracefully sliding around his, pleasuring him. The probing tongue found the male’s shaft, and hesitated not in avidly lapping it up and down. To this, the male moaned, a low sound from the deepest part of him.

His shape was now fully human. The contrast between his tanned skin and her ghostly white flesh appeared at odds, and yet, there was a enthralling beauty about it. Any onlookers would have been immediately captivated by the forbidden passion of such scene.

The female arched her body backwards, allowing herself to be entered by him as her unnaturally long arms supported her weight. The male took charge, using his powerful muscles to hold her body upright, and as his hard cock journeyed inwards, she moaned deeply, urgently. The sound wasn’t quite human, but its meaning was clear, nonetheless. ‘I enjoy this’, it said.

The female’s eyes blazed more intensely as he fucked her, her long white mane always wrapped tightly around his body. Their interbreed union was perfect, the barriers of passion broken through by lust and desire.

They fucked through the long night, breaking off their savage embrace only when exhaustion set in. The new day found the lovers still joined, the paleness of her finely shaped body peacefully asleep beside his.

There would be more shooting stars the following night, an astral fireworks display to punctuate every preternatural orgasm, every drop of life fluid shared, the raw energy of sex driving the lust for each other forward.


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