Posted: June 17, 2015 in Erotica
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Dusk is a magical time. It is the moment when daylight and dark coexist, vying for power. A titanic struggle that will continue as long as there is a sun in the sky.

Dusk is also a time for lovers. Ochre and gold tones tint the sky with a hot pattern of barely disguised passion, creating a framework for eternal lovemaking. The dying embers of the day heat the lovers’ hearts, enables their embrace to be tighter, hasty. Lustful. The lovers’ want becomes hot as a furnace, their arousal and desire for each other reaches unseen levels. All semblance (or need) for self-control vanishes in unison with the fading daylight.

As we fuck, the sun goes down from its apex, the skies molten red; it’s the color of our unbridled passion. You feel it through my hard cock, it fills and electrifies your welcoming pussy, and the harder we fuck, the stronger our bond becomes.

We’re now riding across the cradle of night, our bodies bare and hot on an empty beach. I lay near the water’s edge, my body perpendicular to the waterline. You are straddling me, facing the other way, towards the horizon. You can see the sea as we fuck, your legs wide open to that eternal ocean, your pussy dilated, moist, and full of cock flesh.

You are watching the sunset as I thrust hard, slow, and deep into you.

Your back leans backwards, I am supporting your body with my arms. Your head is tilted back, your mouth open in sheer delight. You can feel the heat of what remains of the day warming up your chest, your breasts, your thighs, your pussy.

I made a promise to you. I promised that your sex life would never, ever be the same, if you allowed my imagination to fill your days and nights with passion and sensual love, and to make you feel sensations that nobody ever before could ever show you. It is a promise I fully intend to keep.

On this night, as we fuck long and slow while the sun goes down just beyond your beautiful body in motion, I promise I’ll give you an orgasm just as day turns into night. Just as the last sliver of daylight is banished by nightfall, I will make your body cum, harder and better than ever, every fibre of your body orgasming at once.

Such is the power of sex, the raw power of lust. That is my gift from me to you.

On this night, the power of two lovers break the spell of darkness, their mutual climax riding on the edge of twilight…


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