Rope play

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Erotica
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The bright white coloured rope dresses up your bare body beautifully and elegantly. Your naturally sensual curves appear highlighted by its braids, the soft feel of the hemp all over your skin soothes and excites you in equal measures.

You are on your knees on the bed, your ankles bound to your wrists behind your back. Neat, diamond-shaped knots completely drape your body. The white rope is interlaced with a red one, the colour contrast only enhances your natural beauty and the look of the scene.

Your body is immobilized, completely under my control. A blindfold completes the sensory deprivation. You know I’m there, you can feel me, smell me, the scent of my lust for you enchants your mind.

Kneeling behind you, I pull your head backwards by the hair until your throat is fully exposed and then pour liquid vanilla essence down your chin. The sweet liquid slides down your neck, I can see it streaking down your bound abdomen. I see it dripping over your nipples, and down your navel. I see it soaking your thighs, disappearing inside your pussy.

I keep your head tilted back, my hand pulling your hair tight. You moan, half in pain, half in pleasure. Your body, gorgeously bound by rope, now smells beautiful. Sweet, intoxicatingly so. I let the vanilla essence soak up every pore of your gorgeous body. Bound and scented is when you are at your best. The sight and feel of you is what I dream of every night, it is your tethered soul that I desire. You are bound, but you are free, and your spirit flies true when the ropes take away your physical freedom.


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