Posted: June 26, 2015 in Erotica
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There is an inherent beauty to a bound female body. The ropes braid around both flesh and soul, coiling around limbs with soft, twisting, sinful absolution, bringing pleasure to the flesh and freedom to the spirit.

Such gift is the paradigm of trust and the culmination of the deepest of bonds between two human beings. The faith and reliance on one another surpasses any other feeling there is, to know that what is done, is done with the greatest of respects and dedication to your lover.

The female body thus becomes a blank canvas on which to express one’s gratitude, and more importantly, one’s creativity, because where there is willingness, anything is possible. Two lovers who trust each other become a force of nature, a maelstrom of energy which spews all around them. The ropes turn into conduits for such powerful beams of unseen intensity.

I firmly believe that lust and desire is the primordial basis upon which everything else is built upon. The drive to seek fulfilment in pleasure, and to pleasure others, usually negates all other emotions. And when such connection is mutual, there is no end to what is possible. To cross that threshold of mutual certitude and conviction in the other person’s feelings becomes nothing short of a faithful obsession, and thus the sexual encounter turns into a higher level experience that goes well beyond the mere physicality of it.

There is something else inside, something that is born out of a pool of desire from within, a feeling that permeates the lovers’ bodies and drives them on. Those ropes glow with the power of a thousand thrusts, and in the dark or in the light, there is no need to hide anymore.


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