In my dreams

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Erotica
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It’s always the same dream. Or nightmare, can’t decide which.

I lay on my bed, only it isn’t my bed. It’s her bed. The sheets are black and the walls are the colour of spilled blood. There is a small window above my head, and a wooden door to my right. A little moonlight beams through the window. I am naked, and it’s cold. My nipples are hard.

Then, there is a noise just outside the door. A clinking of keys, a latch being undone. The door opens, slowly. She comes in, and a sliver of darkness follows her. I am scared, and yet, I feel a twinge deep inside my belly, and my pussy instantly fills with fluid when I see her. She just stands there, at the threshold, watching me. I can’t see her eyes behind the mask, but I know she’s watching. I can feel her stare crawling up all over me. My body writhes, both in fear and in excitement. I want her.

Then the door opens fully, and I can discern another shape behind her. I try propping myself up on my elbows, but she orders me not to move, so I lay still. She moves a little forward and then the moonlight falls upon the face of her companion. It is another woman. Short, red hair, and round breasts with reddish nipples. She has her naked, tethered to her hand, and collared.

In complete silence, she closes the door and secures the latch.

‘Open your legs, slave,’ she says, and I obey without hesitation. Then, she pulls on the redhead’s collar and says ‘Climb onto the bed on all fours and lick her pussy.’ The redhead does as commanded. Soon, her tongue is lapping at my swollen clit, as Mistress holds her tether. The redhead’s tongue feels sweet as it probes around my pussy. Fluid oozes out from within me when I feel that piece of female flesh tasting me, entering me. That tongue darts in and out of my open pussy, I feel it curling up and attempting to reach my G-spot. I moan loudly and thrust forward with my hips, I want that tongue so deep inside of me!

‘You will ask Mistress permission to cum, do you understand?’

I nod and sigh as my breathing quickens. The redhead’s tongue is now circling around my exposed clit, right around its little fleshy hood, filling it with saliva, and mixing it with my own natural moisture. I writhe faster as the licking beat hastens and deepens. Clutching at the sheets I open myself as much as I can, exposing my body, and with an expert thrust, the redhead inserts her tongue all the way into my open tunnel of pleasure. I almost scream when she curls her tongue up, almost rubbing against my G-spot. My legs begin quivering, I feel I have crossed the point of no return, so I shout asking for permission to cum, and then the pressure inside my pussy intensifies, somehow. It feels as if the redhead’s tongue has expanded inside of me, so I look down, puzzled, and I see that her face has changed. Her eyes are a blazing green, and her features are ghostly pale, and inhuman-like. She is looking up at me as her tongue probes deeper and harder than anyone else ever has. I can feel her flesh inside my pussy, her saliva dripping all over me. The pleasure is incredibly sensual, and terrifying at the same time.

‘Make her cum, now,’ Mistress says as she pulls hard at the redhead’s collar. ‘I want to see her cum gushing out.’

There is kind of snarl coming out of the redhead’s throat, and then her tongue begins rolling around inside my pussy. I feel such an overwhelming desire to cum, my entire body writhes, caught in the throe of a savage orgasm. My clit begins to throb, and I scream, and that tongue keeps moving inside me, twisting and coiling around the walls of my pussy, and the redhead’s eyes are not really human anymore, and I can’t care less. All I care about is my time to cum, my orgasm, my ecstasy. So I scream as I cum, and Mistress pulls the redhead out of me and my fluids shoot out in a rising arc. My pussy keeps pumping cum, and a lot of it lands on the redhead’s body, only the body is shifting, turning male. I don’t understand any of it, but I see Mistress smiling, so I know she’s pleased. I cum for her, and as my body writhes and orgasms, the pleasure is wild and primordial. I keep cumming for what feels like an eternity of pleasure. My mind is caught in a whirlwind of carnal delight, and though I am still afraid, my sexual desire negates all else.

The orgasmic ripples subside a little, and my chest rises and falls with heavy breathing. My pussy tingles, flooded with cum, and dripping the redhead’s saliva. Only the redhead is now a well-shaped man, and his cock is hard and glistening. He’s looking at me with the lust of a beast waiting to be uncaged.

‘Good slave,’ Mistress says. ‘I am very pleased with you. As a reward, my pet is going to fuck your every hole.’
The redhead thing smiles, and his eyes blaze green as he moves closer. I can only close my eyes and feel.
It is my reward, after all.

  1. This is pretty hot. Thanks for sharing!


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