Posted: July 2, 2015 in Erotica
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The woman sat cross legged on the rough ground, and as a light rain began to fall on her bare body, she dipped her right hand into a small silver jug by her side, raised her arms, and held them aloft. The fluid oozed down her deeply tanned skin.

To the wraiths of the dim side of dusk, I hail thee. The crimson red moon shall lift the veil of the surrounding darkness and light up Hecate’s path. Oh, dark, listen to my plead.

The woman gathered some more fluid and rubbed it all over her arms and torso, and as she did, a cicada called into the night. A light zephyr lifted. The nearby bushes murmured a silent prayer, or perhaps a curse. On such a night, both were one and the same.

The woman’s body now glistened sensually under the fading moonlight. The clear fluid ran into every pore, into every crevice and curve, until it covered her with a smooth layer of moist that beautifully reflected the dancing shades of the night. She now reached for a velvet pouch she kept by her feet, undid the twine that held it closed, and tilted it onto her open palm.

Dust from a virgin’s tomb,’ she said, and blew. A silvery mist enveloped her, and as it did, the cicada’s song intensified. A cloud tinted in the darkest shade of grey drifted overhead, and even the night shivered with ominous anticipation. ‘Oh darkness, do listen and heed my call. I fear not what lurks within your bosom, my body is ripe for the succubus and the incubus. Watch my nakedness turn into an beacon of seduction. Take me, legions of Hecate. I seek for nothing else than a thunderstorm of pleasure to shake my body to the core. I implore you, and I beg you, ministers of the unseen and the unknown, grant me the ultimate ecstasy on this the wildest of nights.

Upon these words being uttered, a thick blanket of silence descended around her. The cicada’s night prayer ended just as abruptly as it had began, and the whispers of the forest became quiescent. Yet, the silence brewed with something else. Something unseen, but powerful. The world around the naked woman stood silent, expectant. She breathed in deeply, and the night’s aroma was laced with a musky odor. That bittersweet, indescribable but instantly recognizable odor that lingers in a room where lovers have spent a whole night unleashing a storm of uncaged desire. She breathed such aroma in deep into her, relishing every ounce of it, feeling her own desire grow with every breath she took. The moisture on her body now gathered the very power of the night, and as she prepared her body for the sensual wonders that hid beneath the spells she cast, something touched her hair.

She smiled and closed her eyes.

  1. VERY Erotic, Sir. Thank you.

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  2. d4hakka says:

    I shall; as a writer, there is no greater reward than induce such a reaction on my readers.


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