The bed

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Erotica
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The bed knew of darkness. Whatever lived in it dwelled there in a state of perpetual obscurity, after all. The wood and the springs that made the physical thing be were nothing but a empty husk. It (whatever it might have been, or was, or would ever be) silently filled such void, and made the bed become something altogether different.

Whatever it was, it preyed on flesh, and feasted on the lust and desire of men and women. It fed on sin. The lingering passion left behind by all those who had laid there throughout the years became its nepenthe, and it craved and longed for more, its hunger growing ever so insatiable. A storm of lust relentlessly swirled within the void of the bed’s own apostate soul, like an inexorable hurricane of pure sexual energy.

As the woman slept an uneasy, restless sleep, the bed stole the darkest figments of her fantasies and molded them according to its own profane whims. It searched the deepest recesses of her mind, ruthlessly snatching every piece of lustful thought she had ever had and swallowing it deep into its voracious maw.

She couldn’t see it, but as her naked body roamed the Sandman’s domain, the bed had started to shift. Its finely cut sheets had now transformed into long, unnatural appendages that twisted and coiled around themselves like the taut steel cables of a suspension bridge. One first, then two, then four of these monstrous limbs began to contort and braid the sleeping woman’s body, seeking to penetrate any natural opening they could find, longing to physically enter her and feed on the female energy which drove her own desire. Like a ghost rider it sought to spur her body into a paroxysm of ecstasy. In making the woman climax with the power of an army of lovers, the thing that lived in that bed would find its own wretched satisfaction. The more she enjoyed herself, the more its own vampiric lust grew, leeching the woman’s pleasure from deep within until there was nothing left.

And her helpless form just laid there, among a set of sheets that weren’t quite inert anymore, but moved, and touched, and skulked around like nightly creatures. She laid bare and vulnerable, and though her consciousness was somewhere else, her body had begun to react to this unholy stimulation.

  1. DAMN Man! You REALLY know how to get a girl going in the morning. Now what am I suppose to do, laundry? Are you KIDDING me? HOT! HOT! HOT! 🙂


  2. d4hakka says:

    Mm, that is such pleasant mental picture…

    ‘We must stay clean,’ well, that is so open for interpretation. But yeah, I suppose we must.

    That made me chuckle earlier, by the way, the laundry thing.


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