Play time

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Erotica
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It’s raining outside. Droplets of water hit the glass pane, less than an inch from your hands.

You can see half the city from your vantage point inside this penthouse suite. The city of love opens up thirty floors below, just for you.

It is warm and quiescent inside. A stark contrast with the bustling world left behind for a few hours. But tonight is just for you and me. It is our time, away from everything and everyone.

The door clicks open then, and your heart skips a beat and becomes a runaway horse. The door clicks shut, and our world becomes our own.

‘Keep looking ahead,’ I say, and you nod your silent obedience.

‘Hands pressed against the window, palms flat, spread your legs open,’ and once again, you do as instructed.

I watch you from afar. Your body is gorgeous, it is the epitome of exotic foreign beauty. It deserves to be cherished and fucked hard.

‘I am going to pour oil down your back and spread it all over you. You will not move. Do you understand.’

‘Yes Sir.’

The rain outside becomes heavy. Water drops hit against the window pane as I open a bottle of massage oil and tilt it over your back. The fluid runs down your spine, and all the way down your ass. I run a finger from your neck all the way down your spine, and though I know how good this feels for you, you stay true to your word and remain immobile. Even when my finger slips shallow into your pussy from behind, you stay still, but there is a barely perceptible break in your breathing when you feel me inside you.

‘That’s such a good and beautiful girl.’

‘Thank you Sir.’

My finger probes further. Your pussy is soaked in cum, as it always is for me. I hear you let out a little moan. Further inside now, two fingers this time, looking for your G-spot. You can feel your pussy being gently explored, touched, with all the gentleness it deserves.

‘You like that, don’t you.’

You nod as your breathing turns heavier. Your pussy oozes cum right into my fingers, so I take them out and let you smell them.

‘Lick. Like a cat would.’

You obey, and you lick your own cum with short, fast strokes of your tongue.

‘Good girl. Hands still on the glass, do not come away from that window. Raise your ass.’

You do as commanded. Your body is fully exposed for me now, your dripping pussy stretched open.

‘Stay still.’ I loop my whip around your neck and pull your head back as I slide my cock into you. I hear you gasp as your pussy becomes a very willing participant in this game of kink and love. My cock fills it up nicely and completely, and your legs tremble ever so slightly when my cock glides in to the deepest part of you.

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