The Storyteller

Posted: July 4, 2015 in Erotica
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The end of summer always brought a touch of sadness to the bay. The evening breeze suddenly blew that bit colder, and the shadows cast over the water by the birch and pine trees lining the shore became longer, and lonelier.

The man turned the page, looked up, and smiled. The woman smiled back as she removed her work clothes. It was a smile of complicity, and it hinted at the pleasures to come. She removed the grey three-piece suit slowly, without haste. Clothing -street clothing, at least-, was not required inside this room. She knew he enjoyed watching her undress, just as much as she enjoyed undressing for him. The very action of removing her clothes had always been pleasurable, ever since becoming aware of the joy of sex. Undressing for a lover, whether frantically tossing garments hither and tither in the hurry of lust, or at a slower, more sensual pace, was almost ritualistic, and deeply exciting. Freeing her body from the encumbrance of its fabric cocoon had a deep significance, and it made her pussy feel wet and ready.

He watched her with a half smile on his face, his gaze scanning the slender body being revealed to him. They had been lovers for some time, and yet his (and hers) excitement and desire to be together had not diminished in the slightest.

Tonight, she wore a black open nipple bra and an obsidian color choker as he had requested, and her nipples were decorated with emerald-coloured jewellery. All these items looked amazing on her. Her legs were clad with a pair of black tights, and a crotchless thong barely concealed her pussy. His smiled widened, and he nodded, pleased with her compliance. She noticed this, and a wry smile drew upon her lips.

‘Beautiful color,’ he said, pointing towards Becca’s nipples with his gaze.

‘You like them? Had them made specially for you.’

‘You’re such a tease, Becca.’

‘You know me well,’ she said, and and opened her legs slightly. Her pussy was moist. A wry smile lit up her face. ‘Keep reading, Paul.

He did.

Moonlight turned a darker shade of blue in that uncertain period between summer’s end and the onset of the fall. Summer’s joy changed into a subtle melancholy, like a fading love affair.  Daylight died out quicker, and as she stood beside the window overlooking the darkening waters of the bay, a cool zephyr licked her bare body with a mean touch. Still, she stood there by the windowsill and looking towards the bay, her legs slightly parted as the curtains fluttered in the dark, brushing against her body. It was cold outside, but her lover kept her warm.

He stopped reading and looked at her. Becca lay propped up against red satin pillows, looking beautiful and sensual. She listened carefully, and as his words drifted through the air, her pussy began to ooze. The musky scent of her desire wafted up across the room, permeating everything, letting him know her body was primed and willing.

His cock grew hard at the sight, and though he was still fully dressed, she could tell he got a hard on. Such thought excited her, the thought of that cock hard and ready for her alone. Images of his naked body formed in her mind, echoes of past experiences shared with him resonated deep within her. A reel of sexual imagery flashed past her memory, firing up her lust.

His gaze returned to the book.

Miriam’s shape outlined neatly against the backdrop of the full moon. Silvery light reflected on the bay and beautifully bounced off every hidden crevice of her body. Miriam’s skin was smooth, unblemished, yet untouched by the ravages of time. It had a satin-like look about it, her naked body was nothing short of a piece of artful sensuality, and any man would have been driven mad with desire at such tantalizing sight.

Though it was not quite night time yet, crepuscular darkness had firmly set in, gripping the lovers’ wills in a tight embrace. Miriam felt him kneel behind her, his hands running all the way down her back until they reached her slender hips. Those hands were rough, strong, and asserted his intentions quite clearly. She was his tonight, there was no doubt about that. Those powerful hands tightened snugly around the feminine curve on her hips, and pulled her body towards him. She offered no resistance. Instead, she thrust backwards gently, and soon his tongue was probing deep into her.

To this, Becca moaned in anticipation.

Miriam relished the feel of his lover’s tongue gliding around her willing pussy, making her wet, and wanting. Such playful and sensual feeling, to have him lick and taste her innermost desire, oozing out for him to relish. He sucked it all quite willingly, letting that sweet nectar spread around his mouth so he could taste her, and then swallowing it. Miriam moaned deeply when she felt his eagerness to quench the thirst for her. Shivers of pleasure ran up her spine, and her legs quivered. He noticed, and gripped her hips a bit tighter to steady her body and keep her under his control.

His tongue left a slick trail all around her flesh, and long and thick strands of saliva mixed with her own fluids soon hung in between them. As she enjoyed the pleasure that playful intruder bestowed upon her body, Miriam moaned, and began rocking her hips around. A familiar and pleasant longing soon rose from deep within her, and she knew she wanted something bigger inside her.

Becca’s eyes were now half-closed, her mind caught between a daydream of pleasure and imagination. She could see Miriam’s beautiful naked body standing there, beside that window in the house by the bay, and Becca could almost feel the cool breeze drafting up from the still waters below. Paul’s baritone voice had always had that magical power over her. The way he read and intoned the written words transported her mind right into every scene he read for her. She loved that about him, among many other things. His voice was such an addiction, and whenever he read for her, a slice of heaven took them both in a sensual embrace.

Miriam felt close to orgasm, and she was more than willing to let his lover take her there, over and over as he had done so many times in the past. Daniel pleased her every desire, and catered for her every fantasy she had. They had an undeniably strong chemistry together, their sexual interactions had always been amazingly pleasurable. No effort was required between them to slide into each other as often as they wanted. Seduction in his company always happened easily, and quite naturally.

Miriam closed her eyes… Becca did the same…

and opened her legs as much as Daniel’s strong grip allowed her to. Her orgasm started deep within her, right at the tip of his tongue’s reach. It was a familiar, yet powerful sensation. All her nerves seemed to tighten up, coiling over themselves first, getting ready for the ultimate climax.

Becca began moaning deeply as Paul’s words worked on her libido like a charm. She used the fingers on her left hand to keep her pussy lips wide open, fully exposing her clit, and used two fingers on her right hand to draw circles around it, feeling that little bud of pleasure do what it does best; induce pleasure. Becca wished to cum at the same time as Miriam, so she let Paul keep reading, thus feeding her rising desire.

Daniel’s tongue fuck was relentless, and wholly welcome. Miriam relished and enjoyed every second of it. She now leaned forward and set her hands on the windowsill, arms fully extended, supporting herself. She felt an urge to spread her legs wide, and presently she tried to do so, but Daniel’s grip was strong, which only turned her on even more. She groaned and moaned as her climax approached fast.

Paul stopped reading, and looked at Becca. Her body was still propped up against the pillows, head bent back, mouth open as pleasure ran through her body as if it were electricity. Her pussy lips were swollen, and her opening was fully dilated, hungry for a hard cock to pass through it. She kept rubbing her clit, and her pussy oozed thick fluid onto the bed. Paul watched, mesmerized, utterly enthralled by the sight of such beautiful woman masturbating right before him, using his words for her own pleasure. His cock began throbbing, longing to be let out in the open and ram that willing pussy. But all in due course.

He kept reading.

Miriam’s body reached the point of no return, and as orgasm took over her, she opened her mouth and screamed her pleasure into the night, and the still darkness outside listened to her delight with envy.

A bolt of ecstasy shot up from deep within Miriam’s pussy. A raging vortex of sexual energy rushed through her body, all nerve endings suddenly becoming live with electric pleasure. A myriad muscles around her vagina began contracting, sending loud pleasure signals to her brain. She screamed out as orgasmic ripples washed over her, and all the while Daniel’s tongue kept darting in and out of her, prolonging her climax. She held tight onto the windowsill, trying hard to keep balance as her legs trembled and weakened, caught in the throes of orgasm.

Becca’s own body began shaking, her mind enthralled in a whirlwind of ecstasy, thinking of Miriam’s beautiful physique also ravaged with pleasure. She started moaning deep and hard as her clit exploded like a firework of pure sexual delight, sending shards of satisfaction all over her body. Becca kept rubbing her clit as her pussy quivered and squirted fluid onto the bed. Her mind filled with images of sex and sensuality as she came for her reader. She was aware of Paul’s stare, watching her every inch of exposed skin, and the thought turned her on even more. She loved the feeling of being watched. She came hard, and her moans of pleasure were soulful and true. Thick droplets of cum squirted out of her body. Sexual fluid ran down her pussy and into her ass, and she wished for Paul’s eager tongue to lap it all up.

Paul watched her cum, her body wide open for him. When her orgasm subsided, Becca’s pussy was soaked, and still dripping. She was panting, almost hyperventilating. He smiled at her, and she just about managed to smile back as her mouth quivered with sheer sexual excitement.

‘Fuck me, please. Hard.’

He put the book down and removed his shirt, revealing a well-defined shape. A twinge of lust stung Becca’s pussy when she felt his taut body get close to hers, and she bit her lip in anticipation. He laid down next to her, and now she could smell him. The familiarity of the aroma, the pure magnetism of his sexual energy, was more than she could resist. She moved down, undid his belt, and grabbed his erect cock with eager hands.

There was no more reading that night; the only sounds were those of ecstasy shared during many hours of mutual satisfaction.

And when daybreak finally came, dawn found the two lovers entwined in slumber.

  1. I read to Sir whenever possible. It is a truly magical thing to do together. Lovely piece. Thank you and Happy 4th!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lexie Syrah says:

    I love how you made the erotica into a literary work. The words flowed beautifully, and the images were painted precisely. I’ll be following your blog so that I can get some inspiration from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • d4hakka says:

      Hiya, and thanks so much for your kind words. I am particularly proud of this piece myself, I think it turned out really neat. I am following your blog now myself.


      • Lexie Syrah says:

        Thank you! And you are a really talented writer. If you ever decide to publish, just let me know because I’d love to read any of your longer work. It’s beautiful!

        Liked by 1 person

      • d4hakka says:

        Thank you kindly. Funny you ask, I am currently in the process of doing just that, publish, so you may be a godsend. Please feel free to share some tips, etc. I see you have published quite a bit of material already and I would like to follow in your footsteps, so I would like to have someone guide me by the hand, thank you.


      • Lexie Syrah says:

        I have been very busy lately with all of the changes to the self-published world, but if you have specific questions, I’d have no problem answering them :). I’ll be offering a cover design service as well (as soon as I figure out how to get the payment system set up on the website).

        Liked by 1 person

  3. d4hakka says:

    I’ll put some questions together and let you know, thank you. Looking forward to reading your material also.


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