The Ritual

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Erotica
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Soraya dreamt of a red sun that night. It wasn’t a completely pleasant dream; at times, the bright imagery was torn in slices of crimson hues and splashed the walls of her conscience with the colour of dark blood, and her skin burned and became emblazoned with the cruel scars of a sinful future. Yet this future appeared shrouded in mystery and ominous, like the summer sky before a thunderstorm. The cry of the jackal soared across her dream, and Soraya screamed, then…

…she opened her eyes, and a darkened vision of an overcast temple lingered briefly on the edge of reality, then faded away and vanished into a nowhere land where dreams are forever forgotten.

Her room faced to the east, so she glanced towards the window. Hazy sunlight streamed through the fluttering mosquito net, and in the stillness of dawn, she could hear nothing but her own heartbeat. Nothing stirred around, but Soraya knew her house would soon be bustling with activity.

The Ritual was coming. It was her day to become His.

Soraya breathed in deeply as her heart skipped a beat. She could not quite say she was afraid, however. Excited, yes. Anxious, sure. But not afraid. Fear is for the weak, Father had always said. You are destined for a higher place, my child. There is no room for fear within your heart.

But that had been a long time ago. And Father was no longer around to give her young daughter advice.

A noise outside her window startled her out of the early morning reverie. Soraya pushed the silk linen away and climbed out of the bed. Brushing the mosquito net aside, she stepped into the balcony. Over the horizon, the Egyptian sun slowly rose across the heavens. Soraya looked down just as a trader laboriously pulled a cart full of fruit down the street. The trader didn’t look up. He simply trundled on and soon turned a corner, disappearing from view.

Soraya stretched. The sun’s radiant warmth felt pleasant on her bare body. She had a slender figure with small, perfectly rounded breasts crowned by brown and terse nipples. Her hazel eyes were big and intense, and twinkled with a hint of perversion. Soraya was the envy and fantasy of many men and women in the city, that she knew for sure. And though her feminine desires were alive, Soraya remained untouched.

It has been written, the scribes from the Temple had said when the world heard her first cry. This child shall remain clean and pure from the seed of man and the lust of woman until the time of the Ritual. She shall never be tainted by the touch of another human. The child is one for the Gods. She belongs to Him. Anubis shall claim her at the age of 21.

Soraya watched the sunrise from the balcony, and the beauty of her naked body inspired a bunch of swallows to sing a song on her twenty first birthday.


The Sun God Parade

Hundreds had gathered to watch the chosen one make her way into the Temple. There was almost a carnival atmosphere in the city. People lined the cobbled streets on both sides, anxiously waiting for this year’s Sun God Parade to commence.

Street traders usually did good on this day, setting them up for weeks. Foodstuffs, cheap jewellery, even the odd goat. All things changed hands briskly on this day. People liked to spend and barter on Parade day. It was almost an unwritten law.

It would all kick off at noon. The moment of the sun’s zenith on the sky would mark the initiation of the Parade. The long minutes just before noon were invariably filled with trepidation and palpable anticipation among the crowd. People would crane their heads and strain to see the chosen one riding high on her chariot. To catch a glimpse of her beauty before she was taken into the Temple of Anubis and become a God’s Bride.

The spectators wore their best robes and tunics for the Parade. Those who could afford it had crafted jewellery on display. The Sun God Parade was a time for celebration. A time when the chosen one was given away to Anubis, to become His for all eternity, and beyond.

The sun rose high, and a horn blew in the distance. There was a moment of collective whispering and then the crowd fell silent. Silence was a mark of respect for the bride as she made her way into eternal life.

Soraya glanced upwards as the din of the horns soared into the sky. She stood on a two-horse chariot, its driver sitting on a wooden bench just in front of her. The crescendo of the horns spurred him into action. He grunted and whipped the horses, and the chariot jerked forward. Soraya was caught unaware and almost fell backwards, but she managed to grip a wooden bar just on time to steady herself.

The horns kept blowing as her journey into the temple began.

Rich garments stitched in gold draped her body, and a golden head piece shaped in the form of Anubis decorated her head. Her breasts were bare and exposed as it was the bride’s tradition. Still, she felt no shame. She had been picked and chosen to be His. She was beautiful, and she knew it. He knew it. The God was aware of her existence, and wanted her. Soon, she would offer Him the pureness of her body, and He would take it with the energy and lust that becomes a deity, and would turn her into His own. Her female desires, restrained for so long, would finally be uncaged. To be taken by a God was her destiny, and Soraya was more than ready and willing to offer herself, to open her body to carnal pleasure for the first time.

Led by a detail of the Imperial Guard on horseback, the cortege made its way through labyrinthine cobbled streets. The uneven surface made for a bumpy ride, and Soraya’s long legs soon grew uncomfortable. Yet, as the horses drew the chariot forward, her resolution did not falter. The Ritual was coming, and it was all for her. She would mate with a God today. Soraya looked ahead as the ground rose and became a steep hill. On its lee side, the city proper began.

There would be hundreds of people waiting to see her, waiting to see Anubis’ Bride. Other young girls would look at her in awe, and perhaps even in envy. But Anubis had chosen her.

The Imperial Guard now crested the hill. Soraya’s chariot soon followed, and then she saw them. All those people lining the long avenue that weaved its way up to the temple. She saw their faces, their eyes locked on her, and they were all silently revering this year’s Sun God Parade princess.

As soon as the cortege came into view, the women threw bunches of blue lotus flowers in its path, to honour the virgin bride, to honour her beauty and her willingness to give herself up to a God. Soon, the avenue was overlaid with a carpet of azure and purplish tones. The scent of a thousand flowers drifted up and greeted the young bride, and for the first time she felt a twinge of poignancy. People watched her in complete silence, as it was the tradition. Not a word shall be uttered unto the Bride’s path, the law said. Silence was respect. Yet, Soraya did feel the need to say something.

She was surrounded by thousands, yet she was alone.

But there was no turning back. The cortege would soon make its way into the Temple grounds, where Soraya’s body would be washed, cleaned, and prepared for Him.


The Temple of Anubis

A group of muscular slaves manually operated the mechanism that lifted the Temple’s  gigantic wooden gates. The men visibly strained to operate the crude apparatus that lifted the gates, their muscles taut as they fought against gravity to keep the gate aloft.

Once the cortege was through, the slaves hoisted the gate down and stood to attention. Soraya watched in quiet devotion as the Temple loomed into view. It was an ancient structure, built before time itself, it seemed. Limestone towers and minarets reached up into the sky, and a myriad of columns and pillars covered in hyeroglyphics supported the entire structure. It was an imposing sight, and Soraya understood well her privilege to be here, today, but was also painfully aware that she would never see the outside again.

The chariot stopped just short of a flight of steps leading up to the Temple’s threshold. Two enormous Anubis statues flanked the entrance. The horses snorted and stomped their hooves as the chariot came to a halt, and for a moment, the world fell silent all around her. Soraya glanced skyward, and saw the afternoon sun shining on a cloudless sky. Then, she looked towards the Temple’s threshold, and Father’s words resonated within her again. There is no room for fear within your heart. Still, apprehension soon took an unwelcome hold, and self-doubt soon followed. Is this right? Do I want to go through with this? I have my whole life ahead of me. Soraya looked up the sky again, but there was no answer there. Only warm, immutable sunlight.

Presently, two Priestesses alighted from the Temple, and descended the stairs towards the chariot. They were bare chested too, and wore only a thin silken cloak and a long golden loincloth that reached almost all the way down their bare feet. Soraya watched the two women walking elegantly down the steps, almost transfixed by their beauty. Their skin was tanned and unblemished, their eyes seductive and alluring. They walked in silence, and only allowed themselves to briefly smile as they helped Soraya down from the chariot.

The young woman stood at the foot of the staircase, and looked up. From where she was, the Temple’s towers seemed to reach up to the clouds above. Looming and imposing, the structure had stood for millennia, and would probably remain for twice as long before time swept it aside.

Then, the Priestesses took her hand, and the three women walked up the stairway together. Soraya’s heart was now beating furiously hard, and her breathing had become shallow. If the Priestesses noticed, they did or said nothing.

Soraya glanced back just as the chariot rode away, leaving a dust cloud behind. From where she stood, high in the stairway, she could see above the Temple’s outer walls, and into the city beyond. Her city. She was walking into her destiny, leaving all familiarity behind. Today, she would become a woman.

The shade of the Temple soon swallowed them, and they were inside.

It felt noticeably cooler once past the threshold, and Soraya’s nipples soon hardened. She looked around, awestruck and petrified at the same time. Her gait had become somewhat unsteady, and the other two women must have noticed as their hold on her hands tightened ever so slightly. Still, they said nothing.

There was dead silence all around. They walked down a dark limestone corridor, with moss growing everywhere. The ceiling hung low, almost oppressively so. The corridor led to a small alcove with wooden doors that creaked when they opened, and these gave way to a bigger, more brightly lit room, with a small pool of water in the middle. The Priestesses led Soraya to it.

‘Welcome to the Temple of Anubis,’ one of the women said. ‘My name is Alenna. Now, undress and kneel inside the pool.  Your body must be clean for Him.’

Soraya did as instructed. The water felt pleasantly warm. The Priestesses also undressed, and knelt beside the young woman. Alenna began applying ointment to Soraya’s body while the second Priestess poured water over her head.

This was the first time that a woman had ever touched her that way. Soraya found the feeling of another female’s hands on her body strange at first, but pleasant, nonetheless. The way Alenna let her slick hands glide all over her body felt sensual and alluring. She did it slowly, taking time to ensure that every inch of skin was moist. Alenna first massaged Soraya’s neck and shoulders, then her chest, and finally her breasts. Using her thumb and forefinger, she applied ointment to Soraya’s nipples, very delicately. When Soraya felt such sensitive part of her body touched in that way, she could not help but let out a moan. All at once, her pussy had become very wet indeed. Yet, the Priestess paid no heed to such display of pleasure. She simply kept applying the ointment methodically, spreading it all over Soraya’s body with the palms of her hands. And meanwhile, the other woman poured warm water down her long hair, back, and legs.

‘I must prove your pureness,’ Alenna said. ‘He will only accept you if you are whole, and pure. Part your legs, and stay still.’

Soraya did. She moved her legs apart, and Alenna’s fingers slowly crept into her pussy. Soraya bit her lips as her desire grew stronger.

The Priestess’ fingers entered her body, probing around for the Bride’s purity. As soon as they were inside, cum began oozing down Soraya’s young and willing pussy, and she experienced a pleasure never before felt. The young woman tilted her head back, enjoying the moment, wanting more. Alenna probed deeper, ignoring Soraya’s imploring stance. The Bride’s pussy felt tight enough. A consummated lover herself, Alenna could tell that such young pussy had been entered by no cock. She moved her fingers further inward, feeling a twinge of lust herself at the sight of Soraya’s beautiful body writhing with pleasure. For a brief moment, she considered indulging her and make her cum, let the young Bride experience human ecstasy. But doing so would taint Anubis’s chosen one, and such heresy would be punished with her own demise. It did take restrain and willpower, but Alenna held back just enough to fulfil her goal. Her fingers encountered the resistance she was expecting. The Bride was pure.

Alenna withdrew her fingers, and as she did, cum dripped from Soraya’s pussy in a long, thick strand. Alenna ran her fingers across her own lips, taking in the scent of the young Bride, admiring the tangy smell of a virgin’s fluid. For a fleeting moment, Alenna imagined taking that body for herself. She enjoyed an overwhelmingly sensual image of Soraya’s slender body wide open for her, ready to be tasted, licked, and fucked. Alenna imagined kneeling in between the young girl’s legs, watching her pussy become dilated with desire as her tongue probed ever deeper.

Alenna stood up, her heart beating faster and her own pussy now swollen with unfulfilled desire. But this was not her time, nor was Soraya her own. Anubis waited. And patience was not one of Anubis’ strong points.

‘She is pure,’ Alenna said. ‘Take her into the chamber.’

The second Priestess helped Soraya stand on her feet. The young Bride’s body glistened beautifully with ointment, and her nipples stood erect. It was a wondrous sight of sincere and unperturbed sensuality; a young woman’s desire, fired up and ready to be initiated in the ways of sex. Soraya’s pussy glowed with the heat of molten wanting. She was ripe. Her time had come.

The Ritual would soon begin.

The Ritual

Anubis had stood at the dawn of time. He had walked across a bridge made out of starlight, and killed the unwary. He was already old at the age when the world uttered its first feeble whimper beneath his feet, so many millennia ago. A God among traitors, He had carved his own fate, manipulating that of mankind at his own volition. An eternity had passed since Anubis’ birth, cradled inside the bosom of the mighty Elders.

The Ritual called for His seed to be passed onto a virgin’s body, to fill a woman’s cavity of desire with a flowing jet of a God’s thick and rich cum. The God’s nectar induced preternatural and savage pleasure unto her. And more than that; Anubis’ Cum, once streaming inside, would keep the female’s body forever young and enslaved to Him. No man or deity would dare touching any of His private concubines, under penalty of a gruesome death.

The door leading to the ritual chamber opened up to a mystical world of otherwordly beauty. Limestone walls covered in hyeroglyphics and grassy growth stretched out in a circular shape. The chamber had a mezzanine level supported by pillars, but the most striking feature by far were the statues of the God Anubis arranged in a semicircle around the room. The statues stood on limestone plinths, and rose all the way to the chamber’s ceiling. Water dripped from somewhere above. It was stiflingly warm.

And something else caught the young Bride’s attention. A rectangular stone altar stood on the very center of the chamber. About the length of a grown man, the altar’s flat surface was covered in blue lotus flowers.

Flanked by the two Priestesses, Soraya walked towards the altar and stopped just beside it. Alenna moved to face the Bride. ‘It is your time to become His,’ she said. Then, both Priestesses genuflected in front of the Bride and walked away.

Soraya stood there, naked. Her glistening skin reflected the dim light of the chamber, creating queer shades. She breathed in deep, unsure. There is no room for fear within your heart. Those words haunted her, again and again. The moment of truth had finally arrived, it was really happening. She stood on the brink of eternity, about to get initiated in a journey of arcane sexuality with a God. The implications of such thought made her feel dizzy, yet, she held steady. Her destiny beckoned from inside this very room.

A murmur all around her. Soraya’s heart took a tumble.

From behind the statues, hooded figures began to emerge. They loomed out of the lingering shadows, as if they had just materialized from a place full of inscrutable darkness. Soraya counted thirteen of them. She could not see their faces or bodies, as crimson hoods and robes concealed them. Yet, she could tell they were all female.

Soraya stood still, feeling somewhere between deep sexual excitement and utter terror. The figures closed in and began moving in circles around her. Then, one by one they began raising their right arm. Soraya noticed that the index finger had a reddish substance on its very tip.

As they moved around the Bride, the figures drew on her body. They drew lines and circles in peculiar patterns, all over her. In a short time, Soraya’s skin was decorated with strange runes and symbols. And once the body artwork was complete, the thirteen hooded figures moved away in total silence took positions in a semicircular patttern around the altar.

A crepuscular quiescence descended upon the chamber. And yet, there was a sense of premonition in the air, like the eerie calm that precedes a violent thunderstorm. Dust blew down from somewhere above, and there was a rustling sound high up in the mezzanine. Lines of invisible energy spread across the chamber like invisible tendrils.

Right then, as if acting upon some unseen cue, the thirteen figures removed their garments all at once, and indeed revealed themselves as females. They all wore a golden Anubis mask draped with black material and a necklace decorated with a crimson scarab. A golden chain festooned each set of nipples, and no clothing covered their bodies. They were just as naked as Soraya was.

The women stood in perfect stillness, their arms flat along their sides. She couldn’t see their eyes behind the ritual masks, but Soraya knew they were all looking at her. She could feel the intensity of their stare piercing her body, scanning every inch of her, and such thought made her feel weak and exposed. She opened her mouth to speak but her words died in her throat when Anubis dropped from somewhere above. The ground shook under His feet. Soraya gasped and stumbled. She would have fallen, had it not been from the altar breaking her fall. She steadied herself, her heart now racing.

Anubis stood up, shifting as He did, taking human form. His imposing frame loomed head and shoulders above the young Bride. Soraya found herself looking up at the God’s masked face. His eyes, though concealed, glowed with the intensity of godlike lust. His body was muscular and handsome, His bare chest shaved and well shaped. His cock stood mighty and erect, and the sight of such powerful shaft made Soraya’s pussy sting with incipient desire.

Anubis walked forth towards her, and His stride was elegant and dominant. As the god walked upon the limestone ground, His thirteen concubines knelt in unison and lowered their heads in reverence, arms extended before them. Anubis paid no attention. He lifted Soraya’s body and laid her upon the altar. The Bride breathed fast, her heart now pounding inside her chest. She felt completely powerless. There is no room for fear within your heart. The same words, again and again.

Anubis set the young Bride’s body gently down on her back and stood right before her, His cock now pulsating and oozing precum. Soraya’s mind churned like a boiling cauldron, gripped both in a state of utter terror and raging sexual need and want. The conflicting sensations were maddening.

Anubis took hold of Soraya’s ankles and pushed her legs wide open, holding her that way. The young woman’s pussy burned with the sweltering heat of torrid anticipation. Her flesh was now parted, ready to be entered. The lust inside her threatened to spill over at any moment. She gripped the sides of the altar and held tight.

Then, it happened.

Anubis moved closer so that his engorged cock became in contact with Soraya’s open pussy, and two things occurred at that moment; all thirteen concubines began chanting, and the young woman’s vagina started oozing cum, wetting her, lubricating her flesh for the impending penetration. Soraya moaned deeply, and folded her legs backwards as far as they’d go, offering herself to Him. Anubis inched a little forward, and his cock entered her shallow. Soraya sighed and moaned loudly, and Anubis groaned.

Another push, and the god’s hard cock flesh made its way into Soraya’s welcoming pussy. It entered easily, inch by inch; the young girl’s own flesh dilated to accommodate His girth. Soraya’s pleasure grew exponentially, and her mind became numb with ecstasy.

Anubis kept thrusting relentlessly forward until the entire length of his cock dwelled inside Soraya’s pussy, breaking her virginity. Soraya felt a momentary sting of sharp pain when she lost her innocence, but such soreness was soon replaced with the overwhelming impulse to fuck that cock.

Anubis sensed the Bride’s desire, and took full advantage of it. He began thrusting into her, fucking her with the power of a raging thunderstorm. That muscular body ravaged its quarry without mercy or hesitation. The god took what He wanted, and pleasured her in a way nobody else would. Soraya’s body reacted to such powerful and intense sexual stimulation by sending shards of pleasure signals all over her. Every inch of the young girl’s being became flooded with a deep and profound sense of carnal satisfaction. It felt almost animalistic in the fervent rawness of its power. The feeling was exquisite, and whole.

Soraya’s first ever orgasm turned into a savage display of wanton and dynamic pleasure. She came screaming as Anubis fucked her hard and passionately, using her body as a vessel for ecstasy. She screamed and yelled as her body became aroused by the virility of a god. Caught in a frenzy of primordial fucking, Soraya became one more of Anubis’ concubines, and there was not a shred or remorse or hesitation inside of her.

Then, just as Soraya’s body shook with the delirium of another orgasm, Anubis Himself came. His seed spilled into her; it squirted out in huge jets of whitish cum that flooded her pussy. Soraya felt it, and wished she could take it all into her mouth. Anubis kept fucking her as He came, infusing her body with the enchantment of His own thrall. The god’s cum became part of her, and from this moment on, she would be young and His forevermore.

    OK, that is FUCKING HOT!! You, Sir, are a wordsmith extraordinaire.
    “Looming and imposing, the structure had stood for millennia, and would probably remain for twice as long before time swept it aside.”
    These words are Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You have painted such a clear and vibrant picture that I want to go there and partake in the reverence of the festivities.

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  2. MORE!! MORE!! MORE!! You DON’T need to eat or sleep or work on ANYTHING other than finishing THIS!! You continue to tease, tantalize and bring me to the brink. PLEASE give me complete release, Sir. PLEASE!

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  3. d4hakka says:

    Edging is the best form of foreplay, is it not 🙂 I am home tonight so I’ll do my best to have the story done, so you can obtain your much sought after and earned satisfaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Words escape me. My skin tingles as if the hands had been laid upon me. My sex pulses as if I was the one taken upon the alter. My heart pounded within my chest from the moment I read the first word. I am left breathless and sated. Your words devoured and my release complete. Thank you Sir.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. d4hakka says:

    You are more than welcome. It is so amazing to have formed such connection with someone I have never met.

    Nevertheless, do stay tuned for more upcoming stories.

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  5. d4hakka says:

    Now, if I could just ask you to recommend my blog to your fellow kinsters and friends, that would be great. I’m trying to gain some popularity over in the States, so the more followers I get, the better. Please and thank you. It’s a small price to pay for the enjoyment you got 🙂


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