The Dollshouse now ready for download on Amazon Kindle Store

Posted: July 20, 2015 in Erotica
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Constant readers,

a brand new story, “The Dollshouse”, is now available for purchase on the Amazon store, here;

The Dollshouse

It can be downloaded for a Kindle or a Kindle reader app.

Here’s an excerpt;

Sexual energy is the life force of the Universe,” Selene continued. As she spoke, she dipped one her index fingers shallow into Ariadna’s pussy, took it out, and raised it to Ariadna’s lips, who licked it without hesitation, and as she did, a few droplets of Lilith’s Cum ran down her chin and onto her breasts. Such sight made Paul’s cock throb with urgent desire. “Without it, life itself would not exist. The desire of male and female beings for one another is the one common feature to all humans. It is the tie that binds us all, what compels us all to seek sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. It is what makes us seek the ultimate pleasure.



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