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When I first stole into the chamber, I did not fathom the true meaning of my presence there. At the turn of the third aeon, my thirst for vengeance drove me almost to despair. Hero, or demon, for the longest time, I have been searching for whom I was destined to become.

My name is Kara. I’m a vampire, a scion of darkness. My cursed unlife has been shrouded in a lingering cloud of blood and mist for generations, and though I have accepted this defiled fate, I seek to wreak retribution on those who turned me from the light.

Thus I entered the chamber beneath the dilapidated cathedral that once stood proud and mighty on the Western Hills. Now decayed to almost total ruination, the edifice had become shelter for the most wretched creatures that roamed the Kingdom. And there I longed to find my quarry.

As I climbed down the last flight of steps, I could smell the putrid air wafting around the bowels of the cathedral. The dank walls reeked with the centuries-old stale scent of decomposition and lingering evil. Yet, I pushed on. There was only one way to go now.

There, at the bottom of the steps, a thick oak door beckoned me. Signs and pictorial runes from a time that nobody in the Kingdom remembered anymore decorated the rotten wood. I cared not for their meaning, nor did they have any bearing on the true outcome of my quest.

The door creaked open. As soon as the chamber loomed before me, I could feel his presence. Though I could not yet see his true form, there was a latent trace of his proximity. As a vampire, my senses were keen, and sharp. An indescribable sensation of being watched immediately overcame me, and the entirety of my body became tense with anticipation. I clenched my claws, ready to pounce at the slightest hint of threat. Yet, no harm came my way. Instead, a voice that seemed to resonate all over the chamber boomed, loud like a thunderous roar.
‘Embrace this moment, child, as it may be your last.’
‘Show yourself, traitor. Have you not the courage to face your foe in your own turf? Or are you so ashamed of your deeds that the guilt of treason restrains your disposition?’

A laugh, then. A cold, deep laugh that had as much grace as a man exhaling his last breath. It was the chilling, ominous sound of a treacherous and cold-blooded wraith.
‘You have certainly grown wilful, Kara. But your insolence is somewhat…unbecoming of a vampire of such undead beauty as yours.’

Then, he did allow his presence to be seen. Not his true form, because madness would become those who witnessed his real essence, such was its abject wretchedness. Instead, he chose to transform into a handsome human. Dark, broad-shouldered, and unblemished skin and face. Yet, there was a crimson fire within this apparition’s eyes as they shifted into a false shape. The woeful stare pierced my soul as he walked towards me. I flinched, and he saw it. That laughter again.

‘You need not fear me, child. At least, not yet. You have something I want.’
‘Keep your distance, William. Your voice is loud enough from where you are.’

Though I meant a sterner tone, my voice creaked noticeably. He kept walking forth, undeterred by my wavering words.

‘There’s that bold impudence again. After all these years, you should learn a little humility while in the presence of your elders.’
‘Enough of this banter, William. You know why I am here.’
‘Indeed. But let’s leave the menial business talk for later, shall we. You have stolen into my home, uninvited, I might add. Yet, not wholly unwelcome. I have been waiting for a long time for you, Kara. We both know we share a common past. We both stood at the dawn of the Empire, and we were old when time yielded its first cry. An for aeons, you and I were two sides of the same coin. A pure, single entity of lust and thirst, were we not, Kara? Hath thee forgotten that it was I who held your hand in the eve of extermination? Do you remember not that I saved you from certain oblivion?’
‘Spare me from your sermonising, will you. I have walked into this crypt for one purpose, and one purpose only.’
‘Eternity is a long time, Kara. Even for an immortal creature such as yourself. Do not waste the spoils of your existence by pursuing a silly crusade.’
‘Silly? You dare deeming the drive of my life silly? You truly are some piece of work, William.  You are the cause of our race becoming hunted to the point of annihilation. You are the corrupt fulcrum upon which the decay of this land hinges. And you dare to belittle my reason to kill you? Is that your idea of a clever joke?’

William shook his head then, and laughed a little. The fire in his eyes flickered, and such sight would freeze the blood of a lesser being.
‘You do not kill me, old friend. Not in this time, and certainly not in this reality. Our race became extinct because fate would have it so. We are unwitting passengers in a colossal game of sorceries far more powerful and dark that you could ever imagine, Kara. You, and I, are nothing but pawns, child. Helpless to harness our own destinies.’
‘Say what you will, traitor. I am here to exact a long awaited retribution. It is my destiny to strike you down. And that I will do, if it takes my last ounce of strength to watch the fire in your eyes fade away forever.’

‘Go on, then, Kara. Don’t stay your hand. I am here, alone, in what has been my home for centuries. This chamber has witnessed its fair share of drama. To perish here would be a fitting end for a king.’

I could hear the irony in William’s tone. He believed me to be a threat to him no more than a man considers an ant to be a worthy foe. Yet, I could not falter. To do so would be my undoing.

‘Do not come any closer, William. I will stand my ground.’
‘I am sure you would, my child. I have known your kind for a long time, Kara. And I have slain many. But I do enjoy a willful opponent.’

William’s enthralling gaze held my own with a solid hold. Tried as I might, I could not stray from the mesmerizing eyes of the beast. I could feel his ravenous lust pervade my own vampire senses like a sinuous fiend coiling itself deep into my very core. And though I willfully struggled against it, I could not help but becoming deeply aroused by this overwhelming sexual energy entering my body. I could feel my resistance steadily weakening with every breath I took. And William’s body loomed ever closer, towering over mine. His stare held me in its grip as easily as a fox holds fowl in its jaws. My strength thus faltered.

‘There is no shame in it, Kara. What you want is written all over your beautiful vampiric body. The desire of the thousands of females you have slain to satisfy your craving for blood lives within you. I can smell it. You cannot contain it anymore. It needs to emerge, and feed its thirst.’

‘Step away, William. This is grotesque.’

But my words were now merely a whisper. As hopeless as the whimper of a cub trapped in a squall.
William was now so close that I could see every line on his muscular body. Every ripple of his apostate soul seemed to be on fire. And I wanted to burn with him.

‘Lust cannot be denied for very long, Kara. It lurks and slithers just beneath your consciousness. It gnaws at your insides like an insidious and insatiable demon that wants its share.’

Presently, William took hold of my cloven hands. His touch was both sickening and deeply arousing. His drive to take me was relentless, and merciless. I found such combination intensely intoxicating. My will to resist vanished in his fiery breath. I closed my eyes as he pushed my legs apart.’

‘There is a blazing spark inside you, Kara. This chamber shall bear witness to our union. On this night, there shall be an intercourse of revenants. Dark gifts will be exchanged within the confines on this room. I take thee, Kara, as I please. I shall use your vampire body for my own pleasure, and yours. In this, you have no choice.’
‘Take me, William. I submit to your will.’

‘So you shall, Kara. There are forbidden truths that neither you or I will ever be granted knowledge of. But the communion of your vampire flesh and my own shall transcend such elusive concepts, child. This night is for us only. Fate will have it so.’

Then, William entered me. His girth took me by surprise, but I gladly opened myself to accommodate it. There was a fleeting moment of almost poignant pain, as the memory of a thousand past unions flooded back into my weary mind. Indeed William and I had been lovers, many centuries before. Yet, the memory of aeons spent in the company on one’s beloved never dies. What we learn in pleasure, we never forget, try as we might. Feeling William become part of me again cast my mind to a younger and less cynical age. Though all love had now become a mere figment of some indecorous aeon, the seed of who had once been my reason to live grew immediately strong. Desire overcame me just like it always did, all those years ago. As William took me, my vampiric lust ignited for him. The unnatural wanting of my accursed unlife streamed across every fiber of my being, and sparked an almost depraved voracity for William’s body.
He felt it too, and as we rekindled our wild and long forgotten passion, he began to shift.

‘I harbour a profound distaste for this human form, child. It is so…common.’

William’s body changed as he began to thrust inside of me. I did not care. I willingly rendered my body open for him.
The feigned humanity melted away in a blur of fleshy motion. There was an unspoken and inherent virility in this transformation. As William turned, he -it- entered me even deeper, bringing out a higher degree of satisfaction. I moaned deeply, and William thrust harder into me. Now locked in wanton passion, the barriers of reality fell apart.

To an outsider, the view of us caught in such throe would appear bizarre, even aberrant. To us, it simply became an indulgent act of pleasure.

‘You see, Kara. It still feels as it once did. I will stream my seed into you, my undead concubine. We are joined in a sexual alliance. I speak true when I say my desire for you only grew stronger throughout the paths of eternity. It all led to this moment of comforting bliss. I can feel that queer vampiric lust flowing up into me.’
William’s words intoxicated me. I abandoned myself to a moment of pure sexual delight. William’s destiny and mine, while twisted and unfathomable, became braided around each other in this time-streaming chamber.
‘Now, Kara, you and I are going to soar through centuries past and future while linked in flesh. Rise with me. See what a eternity bound in pleasure feels like.’

William swung his hand and the chamber sort of shimmered around us. It appeared to fade out of existence as if it were never there. We were no longer standing. Instead, our entwined bodies soared into nothingness.

We were now bound by our mutual desire, linked in flesh and mind. I held tight onto him as he took me, now my vampiric soul and body now wholeheartedly surrendered to him. He filled me completely, and in ways no other being had other achieved. The pleasure I felt while bound to William was beyond comprehension. He touched my very core, it seemed, delving deeper and further into the recesses of my senses. I did not fully understand this, but I did not care. We were now indivisible, a whole entity cast out of otherwordly ecstasy.

‘Watch, Kara. Watch time dissolve your very eyes. As we sail across the plains of eternity, our pleasure will know no bounds. It will grow exponentially as the centuries seem to matter. We will become passengers in the wings of destiny. Two nomads embarking on a journey of sex and ecstasy.’

And so we became one with time itself; an ageless entity soaring on winged chrysalids woven by the infinity of our desire.

‘See, Kara. Reality is not what it seems, is it. There are many layers to it, many nuances and darkened corners to all these worlds. Reality is as malleable as a child’s mind. I hold the power to do and undo as I see fit.’
‘Don’t ever let me go, William.’

And I really meant that. The sensations flowing through me I find impossible to describe. The pleasure of his touch was total, and enthralling. I could see myself dwelling within that thrall for centuries to come.’

‘I shan’t, my child. You now belong to me, just as I belong to you. Our existences have described a perfect circle to this very moment.’

Reality itself seemed to bend to William’s whims. We soared even higher, spinning through a gossamer-like layer of time. We grew younger, William and I, and as we relished in each other’s scent, the Universe spun a web of lust all around us. The barriers of reality became ablaze with our essence. Fluids long held within us flew with the force of a thousand volcanoes, enveloping the erotic entity we had become. William and I were no more in control of ourselves that man is in control of the tides. We were no longer ourselves either, not in a literal sense. We were something else. We were the pure expression of unchained lust, the animalistic enunciation of overwhelming passion.

Time had now entirely ceased to matter. As our bodies skimmed across the boundaries of existence, we became entangled into each other’s deepest desires. We became aware of each other at a deeper and more profound level than I ever knew before. We could breathe sensual pleasure from each other; the very essence of immortal desire had become our nourishment. We remained inside one another for what felt like centuries, each of us buried inside the other’s fathomless body. It was an unholy union, but one that brought lust and pleasure to another dimension.

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