The harmony of dawn

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Erotica
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A melody drifts across the Hall of Mirrors, bouncing off the polished panes and blithely soaring high up unto the still air inside the chamber. The notes are pleasant, harmonious, and those with a keen musical ear might detect a hint of melancholy, like the song of a lonely nithingale at the cusp of winter.

The tune rises and falls, its musicality perhaps mimicking the whims of she who played it on her favorite piano. The woman’s hands danced along the instrument’s keys with undisguised dexterity, her fingers becoming a whirlwind of blurred musical motion.

Presently, she played an arpeggio. The melody sped up, ascending in rapid-fire fashion, and as Alexia played, the mirrors cast the image of her beautifully bare body back to her.

Her long auburn hair, neatly tied in a long ponytail, bobbed and danced with the rhythm of the music. Alexia’s toned and dark body almost was in a trance now. She often became mesmerized by the power of her own harmonies, withdrawing deep unto herself, breathing and breeding into the arms of night. Something unseen but undeniably real lived within the adantes and the allegros of her melodies, vying to be uncaged, lusting for a freedom only granted by those who gave into the truth inside themselves.

And yet the mirrors revealed all that Alexia was, and all she’d ever be. The mirrors cast back the long, winding and serpentine tattoo that spread from right under her shoulder blades and down her back, right across her ass, and back up again in a U fashion. Inked in obsidian black, its detail was intricate and spellbinding. It looked arcane in nature, yet somewhat fleshed out and alive, like a shadow boldly ripping out of a darkened alcove.

And that tattoo shifted and slithered sometimes, if Alexia hit the notes in her piano just right. It reacted to the music, and whatever lived in it, lived in a perennial state of sensual desire.

And so Alexia played on, arousing the tattoo’s finely tuned senses. It began to ripple out of her skin with an outward crawling movement, braiding and twisting around itself, as a baby in its mother’s womb. The woman paid no attention to this, as it did not cause discomfort or pain. The living tattoo rose out of her host in a spiral motion, surging upwards and hovering above its Master with newly found empowerment. Alexia’s eyes were closed now, and her hands kept on playing a beautiful adante that made the living symbiote open its maw with anticipation.

The thing began swaying high over the woman’s body, in a motion akin to a cobra’s dancing to a charmer’s thrall. Its shape shimmied and swung and spun around to the piano’s melody, and as the music played, the symbiotic tattoo began wrapping itself around its Master’s beautiful physique.

It started closing in on the soft tissue around her neck, then spreading downwards in between and around her breasts. Her flesh welcomed this sensations, and as the being’s alternate self strengthened its grip, her own arousal began to grow. The tattoo’s fine instincts instantly felt the change within her; it detected the pheromones of her nascent desire, and its hunger immediately awoke. It sought to feed on her lust, and thus, the tattoo intensified its activity. It slitered further down her navel and spread around Alexia’s bare pussy, braiding its labia, probing shallow, tasting the dew that was beginning to flow from the deepest reaches of her.

Alexia moaned, a surging whirlwind of pleasurable sensations beginning to flood her body. The living ink, now fully aroused, used its primeval chemistry to secrete its own fluids, further lubricating Alexia’s throbbing sex. She moaned harder, and the sounds of her pleasure became entwined with the tattoo’s own unnatural lust for relief.

Long strands of a blackish fluid dripped on Alexia’s wanting clit, coiled around it, and held tight to her engorged flesh. As this happened, she began climaxing. Guttural groans and moans of pure pleasure emerged from her throat and soared across the chamber. The mirrors reflected the human ecstasy unfolding before them, and as Alexia came hard, her symbiotic lover turned into an onyx wraith with male human form. The apparition used hands that weren’t really there but yet had heft and strength to pull Alexia’s ponytail hard as she climaxed. A torrent of thick, stygian fluid flowed into her, and as her pussy filled up she screamed and cried for more. And through it all, she kept playing her beautiful harmonies of pleasure and longing. The orgasmic waves bestowed Alexia with an epic ecstasy; her pussy kept contracting for as long the wraith wanted it to, and the woman became firmly held in the symbion’s thrall. And the being itself obtained its own satisfaction. It fed off its host’s pleasure, fulfilling an aeonian craving, an eternal and almost vampiric want for human lust.

Temporarily sated, the symbion’s hunger subsided. The fluids flowing into the woman first became a trickle and then stopped altogether. Inch by inch, the living blackness uncoiled and slithered back into slumber. The phantasm faded out, and the tattoo returned to Alexia’s skin to sleep in uneasy alliance with its host.

And the woman played on, played her beautiful harmony at the dawn of another day.

  1. Very Powerful. Absolutely Mesmerizing. Beautiful, Sir.

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  2. Enthralling. I am bewitched!

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