Posted: July 22, 2016 in Erotica
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It ebbs and flows, a rushing cascade of unleashed emotions, a swirling maelstrom of unstoppable power. The first sting of lust is like a epiphany of the flesh, the revelation of an ancient power that roams the halls of a house made out of desire.

There is no denying when this force takes you over, when it grips and seizes your mind and soul. Its sheer kinetic energy fuels life, laying waste to morals and restrain.

From the eldritch shadows of me it emerges, a handsome vampire that needs to feed its thirst every night. An organic creature that breathes and lives on unspeakable fluids, old as time itself. Muscles and sinew and bone become an instrument of longing and desire, casting a different light on a world that most don’t see.

It is a restless beast, a sleeping giant that never slumbers, but lies awake, prowling the hallowed waterfalls of the mind, looking for her.

The soul becomes a vagabond, a nomad of the night, dancing without sleeping, breathing to the rhythm of a mystifying lover.

Then the soul touches down on a soft navel, and it glides, spreading its wings around, and lust awakens with a grinning howl. The connection is immediate, and the senses glisten and swell, and there is a slow dance that becomes a throe, and then there is blossoming screams that long for more.

There is heavy breathing at midnight, and the soul of lust sighs with bated anticipation, wielding its mighty power with the pride of a thousand thrusts. And then there is no self-control, once you give yourself to your own overriding want. And her own, and she’ll take what she wants and needs from you, in a candlelit ceremony of yielding sensuality. Once that soulful lust gives into temptation, the gates of Hades crash open, and a rush of wind underneath your skin blows the curtains sky high, and the fires that burn low turns into an inferno, and the mist of hesitation fades away, giving way to the power of the Gods, a power that shines as bright as the stars and knows no bounds.

The first kiss binds the energies, blood for lust, and lust for blood, and the words that are unspoken hang in between and fade away, melting into one another. There is heat, and there is untamed behavior. The zest for life uncoils from its own moorings and springs into overdrive, tangling itself in a communion of fire and flesh.

  1. ‘The first kiss binds the energies…’ Nice.


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