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Darkness and the rose

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Erotica
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There is already a hint of Autumn drifting in the late summer breeze. It has that sharp, fresh undertone buried deep beneath its warm overlay. And the nights seemed to be born faster and with more intent, as if darkness awoke more eagerly and wanting with every passing day.

And across the field of roses, night was falling. An immense mantle of obsidian blackness that concealed the sins of a decaying world and became a dark canvas where dreams and illusions of other places turned into whimsical concepts. And there was a woman walking on that field. She walked among the roses swaying in the dusky light, and the backdrop was one of savage and brightly tinted red skies. Clouds with jagged edges that resembled all that is unnatural drifted by, and as the last beams of sunlight fell on the woman’s long, crimson tresses, she looked up, took a long, deep breath of pure and crystalline life and smiled.

Her body was bare, her pale skin a deep contrast against the merciless nightfall. Still, she walked among the roses, and the roses swayed a lover’s dance around her feet. She hummed a tune as she rambled across the field, and the impending night listened closely. She sang in hushed, tender tones, as a mother would to a baby cradled in her arms:

Dream a dream, my child, let the elven witch take you away, there where there’s no more sorrow or joy.

The lullaby’s dreamlike cadence hopped among the stalks, and even the roses bloomed yet a little wider to catch every note. And so the naked woman walked on, and chanted.

A valiant’s heart soars up into heaven, and a coven of wraiths await with open arms. So dream a dream, my child.

Then, a male voice, calling from the void; ‘Haunting tune.’
‘You like it?’ the woman said, withouth breaking her stride, and smiled towards the night. ‘It’s older than us both.’
‘Time is as irrelevant to beauty as rain is to the ocean.’
‘So it is,’ she said, and laughed a little. All around her, daylight was no more. It had been taken over by a relentless obscurity.
‘Are you going to take me?, she said, looking down, and with an unmistakable hint of uncertain apprehension.
‘You chose to be here. If you walk upon the night alone, darkness has a right to your body.’
‘Is that so.’
No reply. She looked up, and as she did, a murder of crows took flight in the distance, cawing and screeching.
‘I am here because I chose to be taken by darkness.’ Her voice was now steady, unwavering. ‘It’s my desire to be fucked by the power of twilight, and if there is penance attached to my lust, I am more than willing to pay my dues.’
A groan.
‘Does your body crave what is unseen?’
‘It does. My desire is boundless.’
‘Many have walked this field before you did, and many have spoken arrogant words. I shall only believe when I feel the truth inside your body.’
‘Take me, then. My body is your vessel of pleasure.’

To this, there was no reply. Only a moment of electric anticipation, like those last few moments of disquieting calm before Nature unleashes a thunderstorm. Even the roses fell into a respectful silence. The cawing of the crows echoed in the distance.

Then, there was a tear in the world, and the darkness took form. The shape was at first blurry, undefined, and darker than a shadow. Under the rule of darkness, ancient sorceries took over, and the shape sprouted wispy limbs that fluttered from deep within the void of night.

The woman stood motionless, watching Darkness come alive before her very eyes. In her sheer nudity, the woman’s senses became instantly aware of an overwhelming male energy surrounding her. She gasped as long tendrils of solid nothingness braided her body, and as Darkness enveloped her, the woman’s pussy began to ooze dew. She closed her eyes and relished the sensation of being taken by such relentless force, offering no resistance.
‘This human body is now part of me,’ Darkness said as it coiled itself around the naked woman.  ‘I shall feed on your lust, and return it to you a thousandth fold.’

As the woman became entangled in Darkness’ grip, her body began to be slowly opened wide by tendrils born out of sheer obscurity. The motion was somewhat rough and animalistic, almost unnatural in its premeditation and precision. Arcane forces spawned from the agony of rituals long forgotten drove the woman’s desire to the point of obsession. She willingly gave into the sweetest torment granted by the raw sexual power of Darkness, and into its preternatural and relentless will to take her whole as it pleased.

Now hovering high above the field of roses, the body of the woman had become a kaleidoscope of blackness and bare flesh, almost heathen in its appearance, yet oddly alluring and impossible to look away from. Be it witchcraft or the energy from the pit of Hades, Darkness’ grip was powerful and tantalizing. Its obscure body wrapped itself around the human form, seeking to enter the woman’s wide open cleft. She sensed this as her legs were now wide apart, her body supported by Darkness’ heft.

Presently, a long appendage resembling an impossibly elongated human tongue sprouted from Darkness’ dim outline, It dripped and oozed a gossamer-like whitish fluid as it moved steadily towards its quarry. The tongue-like thing began slithering around the woman’s bare body, leaving a slick trail of thick fluid all over her. When she felt it, she moaned out loud, and willingly ached to be entered.

‘This is the moment of truth and revelation,’ the voice said. It seemed to come out of nowhere and everywhere all at once. ‘Here, and now, on this ocean of roses that lies beneath us, your body shall become entwined with the essence of this Universe’s darkened soul. Make your choice’

‘Take me,’ she said, and there was deep and true longing in her voice. ‘I give myself to the darkness. Fuck my body until I am full of you.’

‘There is a primordial nobility in this act of complete surrender to the power of another. What will be done tonight cannot be undone.’

There was no reply, in fact the woman barely registered these words. She was enthralled by a web of primeval and elemental pleasure. The entirety of her body had become aware to the most intense sensual pleasure she had ever experienced. Her body gyrated and pivoted in a sort of ritualistic dance of sex and lust. Darkness’ coils now braided her body completely, and they slithered and slipped all around her naked flesh with unequivocal intent. There was a definite eagerness in Darkness’ every move. Its ways and insight into human pleasure were already old when the Earth was a cauldron of molten sand. Darkness had the power of experience in its side, and its force was as relentless as eternity itself.

The woman’s body was now fully covered in oily fluid, and such sight was as powerfully seductive as it was awe-inspiring. Her skin glistened with the power of a thousand moons, shining with a sensual radiance that could not be denied. Her nipples were hard and erect, and longed to be caressed and sucked. Her pussy oozed and dripped with Darkness’s thick saliva, and her slit was fully swollen and dilated, waiting and ready to be penetrated.

And thus, Darkness took her. It entered the woman’s pussy in one single, effortless move. Darkness slid into her easily, and with the gathered power of a thousand lovers.

The awareness of having her body full of Darkness removed any last barrier of shame or apprehension that may have remained inside of her. Darkness’ obsidian cock filled her wholly and completely, and the ecstasy of being fucked by the immense power of an eternal night soon grew into an overwhelming desire for carnal apostasy.

‘To fuck with a revenant is the privilege of a chosen few, human,’ Darkness said. ‘The vitality of a galaxy of lovers shall erase any vestige of human sexuality left within you. Tonight, the darkest recesses of your fantasy shall become aroused by my touch, and when you climax, the energy of an orgasm induced by the power of darkness will be released through you.’

Darkness’ coils embraced her prey tighter, creeping and braiding the paleness of her body in a sensual constriction. The woman rendered her body open, and as Darkness penetrated every cavity at once, she began moaning loudly. Darkness fucked her harder then, using fleshy limbs the color of night to keep her legs wide apart. Yet, there was a primordial elegance in all the impure and visceral communion taking place above the field of roses. The joining of Darkness and a human female told the story of a thousand hidden desires, of a myriad fantasies buried deep beneath a thin layer of the human mind. Darkness knew of all these occult figments, and how most men and women chose to deny their own lust for the sake of correctness. This, Darkness could not understand. It had fucked a thousand races in a thousand worlds, and of all these, only the male and female humans lived in such fear to liberate their fantasies. Darkness’ racial memory extended back to the nascent whimpers of time itself, and throughout an eternity of relentless pursue of sexual satisfaction, it had never encountered such disposition.

Thus, as Darkness fucked the human white rose above a field of endless beauty, the rain began to fall. It was a warm, summer rain that soon soaked the woman’s body, and made all the roses below open up and begin singing a song of respect and awe for the unholy union happening above.

The union reached a crescendo, and Darkness’ engorged phantasms entering the woman thrust even harder, triggering her orgasm. Darkness, sensing her coming, said: ‘Come with the power of shadows, and may this night’s delight become an everlasting dream. Come. Now.

The sexual pleasure was total, and overwhelmingly beautiful. Her pussy, stretched wide by Darkness’ girth, began rippling savagely. Primordial fluids shot out of Darkness’ multiple hardened cocks, filling the woman’s cavities to the point of overflowing. As she came, she screamed to the very night that was making her reach such elemental orgasm. Her body twisted and bent as spasms of sensual glory took over the very fabric of her soul. She gladly gave into such delight, and relished every moment of it.

The orgasmic journey lasted for a split second eternity. The white rose’s perception of time had become distorted while sheltered in Darkness’ bosom. The ecstasy could have lasted a minute or a lifetime. Within her, sexual wonders hitherto unknown had become alive. The overwhelming acceptance of a new state of sexual awareness slowly dawned on her, and as Darkness gently set her body among the roses, soothing rain kept falling.

The woman rested now, her pale body still glistening and shining with Darkness’ seed. Fluid oozed out of her, and even as these sexual honey dripped from her cavities, she craved more.

Darkness hovered over her for a moment longer, its own energy temporarily spent. It watched her body relax and breathe the night. It watched the rain turn the white skin into a wet temple of  pristine beauty, and if Darkness ever came close to feeling jealousy, it was then, at that very moment. Such was the beauty of her.

Then, a flash, and Darkness was gone.

The white rose opened her eyes, and saw the roses covered in morning dew. She looked down at herself, and the slick dampness in her own body betrayed Darkness’ presence in her.

She breathed in deep and looked over to the horizon. Far to the east, the nascent moments of daylight painted the field of roses with a warm brush. She saw the sun rising, and though her lover was gone, she knew that daylight was not eternal.

Darkness would return. And she would wait.