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The Pleasure Principle

The pursuit of pleasure takes the human soul down inscrutable paths, fueled by lust, and shrouded in darkness.

The energy that powers this chase stems from the id, that elusive and impulsive side of our psyche that drives our sexual instinct.

According to Sigmund Freud, the id operates on the pleasure principle, i.e., the idea that every wishful impulse should be satisfied immediately, regardless of the consequences. The id is not affected by the reality around us, nor by the logic or the everyday world. This primitive and primordial creature resides deep within the psyche, immune and ignorant of common things. Instead, it seeks immediate and total satisfaction.

If that fulfillment is attained, the id rests. Conversely, if the sought satisfaction is denied, tension and anxiety rise to the surface. The id demands attention.

The pleasure drive within the soul is strong, and we can find a clear correlation between sexual fulfillment and a state of calm, or happiness.

It is the primordial nature of the id that drives this lust. As stated previously, it cannot be denied. The id will not allow us to rest until its desires have been sated. The nascent need originates deep within our minds, but soon, it is our body that requires complete satisfaction. Therefore, it can be inferred that the deliverance of the id is paramount. The it seeks, wants, and needs to be put at peace.

There are many ways in which this satisfaction can be achieved, but at a basic level, humans pursue sexual gratification on a continuous basis. It is one of the supporting pillars of existence, both for the male and female sides of the spectrum.

The pursuit of sexual pleasure drives us on, and in a way, it is our guiding light. The sexual impulse grows organically and exponentially with every passing minute. If left unchecked and unsatisfied for too long, it will taker over our organism, thus creating a physical manifestation of the id’s basic instincts. The source of this anxiety is the id’s retribution for being ignored. And if left unchecked still, the sexual impulse will keep growing, swallowing all reasoning and blinding the subject with a thick mist of desire.

The Ropes of Willful Imprisonment

When the mind is in a constant of desire as a result of the id’s being forsaken, several chambers are created within the human psyche. Each of these chambers plays host to a different fantasy, a virtual extrapolation of the unfulfilled desire. The content of these fantasies range from the innocuous to the extremely violent, depending on many factors. Entire tomes could be written about the nuances and texture of human sexual fantasies, but in the context of this piece, we will focus on the Shibari chamber.

The art of Shibari takes its inspiration from prisoner-restraining techniques developed in feudal Japan. Hemp ropes with elaborate knots would be used to hold and restrain prisoners. Over time, this entered civilian life and evolved into an art form in which ropes are used to braid and restrain both males and females.

Shibari is exquisitely complicated to pull off, as some of the knots require great skill and complexity to accomplish. Nevertheless, the end result is a beautiful combination of fetishism and unconventional sensuality.

Yet the ropes wrap and braid more than skin and flesh. It is the id’s hungry desire that’s been subdued. The most intimate sexual desire of man or woman is manifested on those ropes, via the id. The need for submission, to relinquish control to another human being, is a clear manifestation of the id’s craving.

The rigger’s craft depends on the willingness of the subject to offer his or her body to be bound, and if such willingness exists, a sensual bond is established.

The ropes that crawl in a serpentine motion around the human curves, muscles, and cavities draw the id’s nectar out, pleasing it, placating it with a clear and unequivocal intent. The knots decorate the human canvas, and as they do, they enslave the id, subduing it and taking it to its rightful place of solace and sexual rapture.


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moonThe sky is red and wild. The fading daylight bathes the world with a darkening layer of misty shadows. As nightfall takes over, a moon of unusual brightness hangs low up in the sky. Perfectly round and fat, the full moon reigns in the night landscape.

You are facing this wondrous spectacle. Your body, beautifully bare, shines under the silvery moonlight. Your hands, tied to a branch above your head with a length of hemp, feel snug. I made sure that your elbows can flex a little, to make it more comfortable for you.

I stand behind you, watching the contour of your beautiful body outline against the lunar background. The moon is so bright tonight that you are but a mere, fleeting shadow. Yet, your gorgeous curves could seduce a God.

I lean against your back. Your skin feels warm in this summer night. You moan a little when my body touches yours, and your head falls back onto my shoulder. I cup your breasts, kneading them, feeling your strong heart beating underneath. I squeeze your nipples and nip at your neck at the same time, puling the soft tissue into my mouth. You moan a bit louder, and somewhere in the distance, an owl responds.

Up in the sky, the lunar eclipse has begun. It’s only a thin sliver of darkness yet, but clearly visible all the same. Tonight is a night for magic, and passion. The haunted lust of two lovers unchained, unshackled.

The Pleasure Dome

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Cass @ Serene Prime, Interactive Zero G Chamber, Io’s orbit. 386 days out

Log entry 112. Midnight.

Cass and I float in mid air inside the Atrium (or the Fuck Dome, as we like to call it), at the very top of the Serene Prime, our pleasure ship. The Fuck Dome is a transparent, semi-circular structure, about the size of half a football field, fully adapted for zero-G sex.

The ultimate playground for pleasure seekers.

We dance in the embrace of lovers, our bodies joined, drifting through the emptiness of the Dome. The landscape to our lovemaking is a marvelous spectacle of spinning galaxies, shooting stars, and wandering comets. We fuck against the background of an eternal, immense universe. Our bare bodies twist and spin and tilt, hovering amongst the wondrous vacuousness of the Fuck Dome.

Cass’ legs are tightly wrapped around my waist, her toned, pale body firmly pressed against mine. I kiss her crimson lips as we slowly gyrate in nothingness. It’s not our first time making love in zero gravity, but the sense of total freedom it imbues into us never ceases to amaze. Both the body and the mind are free. Amidst the vast reaches of cold space only the two of us truly exist.

We ascend towards the top of the Dome, our shapes describing a sensual spiral of mutual love and understanding. I thrust ever so gently into Cass as we soar, her soft moans trailing behind us like a beautiful, ethereal veil. The sounds of her pleasure reverberate across the Dome, echoing and bouncing hither and thither, becoming amplified.

I can feel the quickening of my lover’s breathing as her excitement grows. Cass’ nipples, hard and erect as two small diamonds, almost pierce my own chest. Her long, fiery red tresses sway and undulate as we surge upwards. My eyes never leave Cass’ emerald green gems. The hauntingly enchanting magnetism of that stare holds me to ransom on this infinite lover’s night.

I move around, pulling Cass’ body over, so she’s on top of me. I’m now floating upside down. In a well rehearsed movement, I clasp her hands so she doesn’t drift away and she straddles my cock, her thighs and knees tightly stuck to my hips. I keep thrusting as we soar higher and higher, slowly rising close to the Dome’s upper surface. I can see the stars beyond, twinkling silently. Nebulae drift endlessly high up in heaven, as I make love to Cass and she makes love to me. An overwhelming sense of belonging and surrender pervades me.

I grip my beloved’s hands tighter, never wanting to let go. All we have is each other, our love born out of an eternity of dying suns, the molten passion of two lovers lost in the stream of a timeless, boundless eternity.

Cass’ head tilts back, her moans becoming louder and more intense. We’re perhaps 50, 60 feet off the ground, and I know she’s about to reach climax. Zero G orgasms are ten times more intense than those experienced earthbound. The body is totally free, unshackled from any physical restrictions. When she cums in the Dome, I swear, I can see a faint halo radiating out of her quivering body, a soft, ghostly manifestation of sheer pleasure outlining her beautiful shape against the dark backdrop of the vacuum beyond. Sometimes I let go of her hands as climax takes her, so her body floats free as she experiences sexual ecstasy. Cass knows I love watching her orgasm, so she opens her legs wide and arches her back as she drifts away from me, her pussy squirting out long, thick strands of fluid. I let Cass relish in her own pleasure as her body hovers free, caught in the throes of wild orgasms, and I watch the droplets of cum band together in odd ways. Zero gravity does funny things to fluids. They sort of wave about, bobbing this and that way. We sometimes attempt to catch that vital essence with our hands, but it’s hard. Cum seems to have a life all of its own, and perhaps it just does, we just don’t always see it because we don’t want to believe such thing.

The nectar of the gods, Cass and I love playing with each other’s sex dew. Every now and then she’ll hold tight onto me from behind, her legs wrapped around my waist, and she’ll stroke me gently and slowly, nipping at my back, licking my skin as our bodies glide across the Dome. Cass’s aware of how my body works, and knows how to work it to give me the best pleasure I’ve ever experienced. She’ll expertly bring me to orgasm, the wonderful touch of her fingers moving up and down my erect cock, taking me to the point of no return, and then she’d quickly move down and around, holding onto my hard shaft. She would just stick out her tongue and let it touch the tip of my hardness as I cum. Long jets of hot sperm would shoot out, and they’ll immediately start to bob and float about. Danica will look into my eyes as she playfully attempts to catch every last droplet into her mouth. The lust and the awareness of sex and desire at that particular moment excites me beyond belief.

We reach the top of the Dome, our bodies hot and wet with perspiration and raw passion. Cass leans against the glass and spreads her legs, knees and feet tight against the translucent surface of the Dome. The colossal reaches of the Universe breathe and pulse mere inches away from her alabaster skin. I enter her from behind, my cock slides in easily into my eternal lover. She moans loudly, and as she does, her breath bounces off against the Dome and leaves a hazy imprint onto its glassy surface. I watch it slowly fade away as I reach around and start massaging her breasts. I move without haste, without rush. I want her to enjoy this moment of sexual bliss, of being fucked as she watches the infinity of space drifting by. Time ceased to have meaning for us long ago. To us, only each other exists, and only our undying passion matters. We rid ourselves of conventions eons ago, and embraced eternal sensuality.

Cass’ nascent orgasm will bring us closer, a holy union of two lovers dreaming of an endless night, of a never ending voyage of exploration, testing the boundaries of pleasure. My lover’s unblemished body quivers with delight, the muscles under her satin skin ripple and flex. I take hold of her wrists and spread her arms apart, at the same time entering her as deep as I can. I thrust faster now, our bodies fused in perfect harmony. Cass whispers words of ecstasy as she reaches the apex of her pleasure, her mind and senses overwhelmed with sheer delight, and as she climaxes, the eons old shine of a white dwarf lights up the cosmos. The luminous phosphorence of the dying star seems to beat and pulsate in synchronicity with Cass’ orgasming body. This vital moment is permeated with the beauty of angels.

We remain motionless at the top of the Dome for another while, our bodies still fused together. The still quiescence of the Dome is the only witness to our passion and love,

limitless as the Universe itself. Centuries will come and go, Cass and I will one day die within the aseptic halls of the Serene Prime, but death seems an insignificant price to pay in exchange for an eternity spent together.

Cass falls asleep in my arms. I embrace my darling as a peaceful slumber befalls her. I gently kiss her and just look beyond, watching the boundless frontiers of space welcome us into their bosom.

Aurora Sensualis

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The night is cold and still. Snowflakes bounce lightly against the glass panes of our igloo, leaving a powdery trace behind as they vanish from existence. A small but rather powerful and cleverly disguised electric heater purrs nearby our feet, radiating a pleasing heat all around us. A candle effect lamp flickers to our left, resting atop a low oak nightstand. The lamp cast dancing shades around us, somehow adding to the unnatural warmth of the place. In fact, it feels impossibly hot within the igloo. We are in the middle of an ice plateau after all, 10 feet of solid snow covering the terrain as far as the eyes can see. Just beyond our field of vision, the flickering lights of the hotel are but a mere ghostly glow, fading in and out of the horizon like a night mirage.

Our own bodies pulsate and shine with their own power; humming lines of pure lustful energy run through them. We are bare, naked under the Artic night, yet the temperature around us seems to rise steadily as the hours tick away with monotonous indifference.

My body is in a sitting position, propped against a very comfortable set of purple pillows. My legs are crossed, and your own, beautiful body rests in between them.

Your skin is bathed in scented oil. The fluid makes your body shine and glisten in the night. Outside, the snowfall has abated a little, but the awareness of sex, desire, and lust has only grown stronger. My hands glide down your body easily, your skin is as smooth and terse as it always has been. As they do, a soft moan escapes from your throat, encouraging me to go on. I massage your body slowly, gently. I take my time touching you, letting you feel me, feel the sensation of my flesh caressing yours, inch by inch until not a single pore on your chest and neck remains untouched.

The massage is long, intimate, and wonderfully erotic. Your body, your senses, your entire being becomes aroused. Even the sheer cold of the Artic circle is powerless to stop our sexual drive for one another.

We kiss, our tongues linked in a soothing bond. Our saliva mixes, the taste of erotic love cascading down each other’s throat. The kiss ebbs and flows; raw, sexual forces long caged become unleashed. The flame ignites, and the fire burns bright and hot.

I position your body in such away so I can fuck you from behind and under, your legs well spread and open into the Artic sky. Your back turned towards me, so you can gaze at the immense, frozen eternity that opens up just beyond the thin glass surrounding us.

Your pussy gives way easily as my hard cock enters it. Slowly, without haste I push inward. Sexual love must not be rushed. The seduction of a night of passion is to be relished, lived and experienced free of needless, meaningless concerns about time or reason. A lover’s night is a gift, a token to be given to your partner with the utmost care and devotion.

We begin to move, your arms extended behind you, palms of your hands pushed against my chest so you can support your body. My own hands hold you by the waist, every now and then caressing your back and your breasts. I hear your moans of pleasure, the music of your body fills the place with a sensual tune.

And as we fuck, something wonderful occurs. The Aurora Borealis looms out of the night sky. I see it first, because your eyes are closed in sheer ecstasy. I reach out and turn off the candle lamp. Darkness descends quickly, yet this will only enhance our visual experience.

‘Open your eyes, baby,’ I whisper. ‘Look at the night.’

‘Oh God,’ you say. ‘That’s incredible!’

The Aurora’s glow is very faint at first. Beams of greenish shine ebb and bob across the horizon as protons and electrons become superexcited in the highest layer of the atmosphere. Waves of light sweep across the Artic night, almost directly overhead.  It’s a wondrous sight.

I fuck you harder now, just as the Auroras’ phantom glow envelopes your body. Your skin shines with a faded, green hue. As your orgasm approaches, a crescendo of eldritch, eons old light becomes entwined and embedded into your own female pleasure, now reaching its peak. A long, heartfelt scream of raw delight escapes into the night, where it rises in crescendo with those beautiful, eternal Auroras.


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It begins deep within your pussy, deep within your innermost centre of pleasure. It feels like a raging vortex of swirling sexual energy twisting you inside out.

There is an urgent feeling of longing, followed by an even more demanding feeling to be fucked harder, to make your body cross the point of no return.

The hardest cock slides in, all the way to the hilt, eight inches of pure carnal delight fill your open cavity with raw, primordial pleasure. As my cock reaches deeper than anyone else before, your entire body teeters on the edge of ecstasy.

Your legs are wide open, pushed apart by my hands, gripping your ankles so you’re forcibly held, exposed. Your clit is now tumescent, its blood flow increased tenfold. Your bud of infinite satisfaction is clearly visible to me; it’s swollen, beautifully aroused, its fleshy hood retracted so that the natural allure of your clit becomes a beacon of physical pleasure. It calls my name with a velvet, seductive voice that drifts on sensual wings.

The relentless stimulation caused by my cock and voice drives your mind and body beyond all control. Orgasm is imminent now, you feel it in every fibre of your being. The time for self-restrain has long passed, left behind and overtaken by preternatural lust and desire. All you want at this point is to come, and more precisely, you want me to make you come, to make your body reach a satisfying climax. Your screams of pleasure leave no doubt as to how you’re feeling, and you know that all I want is for you to experience as much pleasure as possible while you’re with me.

Thus, I thrust harder now, taking hold of your hard, erect nipples. I squeeze them, twist them  hard. The sensual hurt triggers the first wave of orgasmic contractions. You begin to scream, the muscles around your vagina suddenly becoming alive. Savage ripples of sheer delight radiate downwards from your lower belly, through the walls of your pussy, reverberating around your inner lips, and coiling over your clit. Your soft bud throbs wildly, sending pleasure signals to your brain. Your entire body shakes as you cum, natural fluid oozing through the walls of your vagina, permeating your pussy with beads of pure, delightful moisture. Somewhere deep inside your mind you know I will soon lick you clean; you know that my tongue will become another instrument for your pleasure. All that ooze, all that sweet sex fluid, will become my nepenthe.

But for now, I just want you to keep coming for me. I want to drive your mind delirious with pleasure. I take my cock out of your pussy and watch your inner lips quiver, your pussy contracts rapidly, right before my eyes. Your moans of pleasure are music to me. My cock glistens, soaked with your cum. A long strand of fluid hangs in between us. I pick it up with my fingers and lick it into my mouth; it taste sublime.

As you experience a heightened orgasm, I sink my cock into your ass, and as I do, your pussy keeps contracting, gripped by a tight wave of orgasmic ripples. I feel your muscles clenching around my cock, I feel the pureness of your desire all the way around my shaft. Thus, I press harder, your ass opens and dilates for me.

The night is young and the moon is high. The morning dawn is a distant mirage, and all the hours in between will be filled with your moans and my cum, combining to create a long, long night of pleasure like no other…

The Prisoner

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I am the Prisoner

I am the Captive, chained by your will.

I am the Recluse, a wanderer lost within your soul.

Long strands of your seed tether me to your love, you have deemed me worthy to be shackled for the unleashing of your lust. Restrained for you, take me as I am, my one and only Owner. I belong to you.

Heaven’s hung in obsidian and crimson tonight, two lovers’ playful time.

Away on this sheltered haven, these chains and strings bind more than our flesh. Breathing each other’s air, sharing each other’s heartbeat, our bodies rise and fall, twist and turn.

I am dominated by your uniqueness, submissive to your erotic charm. I can feel your inner thrall, pulling me, dragging me even deeper into you until our bodies and souls are but one and the same.

I am the Prisoner within you.

I am the Captive, bound to serve my Master.

I am the Recluse, shining like a dark star beyond a veil of light.


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The human body; that hallowed vessel of lasting, lingering pleasure.

We are innately born with the capacity of using our physical forms to satisfy the lust of others while indulging our own.

The joy of giving physical pleasure to another, to induce physical bliss on our lover’s body, should be the resolute goal of a loving soul. Only when we see the reflection of our own raging desire burning within the eyes of our lover we can truly say that the physical and mystical connection is complete.

Those sixty seconds of primordial, raw pleasure, grip body and soul like an electric current. It is a time of sheer sensuous indulgence, when all that matters is the continuation of such overwhelming assault on the senses. In those moments of total physical exhilaration, the entirety of our lifeforce swirls around the lovers’ bodies like a maelstrom of sensuality. Both minds become enthralled within a galaxy of complex fetishes and desires.

The true meaning of love and lust is written on the flesh of our paramour. The paroxysm at the cusp of ecstasy carves the flesh with a rune of sensual pain, when those fingers run down the body of our chosen one, etching dolorous suffering as they dig a crimson path of delicious pain.

Each body becomes a blank canvas in which to draw our own desire, using the tools given to us by Nature. Every inch of us is made for pleasure, for rejoicing in sexual contact, over and over. Nights and days of relentless coming, until the souls of both lovers cry tears of pure, crystalline satisfaction.

In the end, there is a total and absolute infatuation of the senses, when all that matters is the perpetuation of our own sexual immortality inside our lover’s welcoming body.