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The Pleasure Principle

The pursuit of pleasure takes the human soul down inscrutable paths, fueled by lust, and shrouded in darkness.

The energy that powers this chase stems from the id, that elusive and impulsive side of our psyche that drives our sexual instinct.

According to Sigmund Freud, the id operates on the pleasure principle, i.e., the idea that every wishful impulse should be satisfied immediately, regardless of the consequences. The id is not affected by the reality around us, nor by the logic or the everyday world. This primitive and primordial creature resides deep within the psyche, immune and ignorant of common things. Instead, it seeks immediate and total satisfaction.

If that fulfillment is attained, the id rests. Conversely, if the sought satisfaction is denied, tension and anxiety rise to the surface. The id demands attention.

The pleasure drive within the soul is strong, and we can find a clear correlation between sexual fulfillment and a state of calm, or happiness.

It is the primordial nature of the id that drives this lust. As stated previously, it cannot be denied. The id will not allow us to rest until its desires have been sated. The nascent need originates deep within our minds, but soon, it is our body that requires complete satisfaction. Therefore, it can be inferred that the deliverance of the id is paramount. The it seeks, wants, and needs to be put at peace.

There are many ways in which this satisfaction can be achieved, but at a basic level, humans pursue sexual gratification on a continuous basis. It is one of the supporting pillars of existence, both for the male and female sides of the spectrum.

The pursuit of sexual pleasure drives us on, and in a way, it is our guiding light. The sexual impulse grows organically and exponentially with every passing minute. If left unchecked and unsatisfied for too long, it will taker over our organism, thus creating a physical manifestation of the id’s basic instincts. The source of this anxiety is the id’s retribution for being ignored. And if left unchecked still, the sexual impulse will keep growing, swallowing all reasoning and blinding the subject with a thick mist of desire.

The Ropes of Willful Imprisonment

When the mind is in a constant of desire as a result of the id’s being forsaken, several chambers are created within the human psyche. Each of these chambers plays host to a different fantasy, a virtual extrapolation of the unfulfilled desire. The content of these fantasies range from the innocuous to the extremely violent, depending on many factors. Entire tomes could be written about the nuances and texture of human sexual fantasies, but in the context of this piece, we will focus on the Shibari chamber.

The art of Shibari takes its inspiration from prisoner-restraining techniques developed in feudal Japan. Hemp ropes with elaborate knots would be used to hold and restrain prisoners. Over time, this entered civilian life and evolved into an art form in which ropes are used to braid and restrain both males and females.

Shibari is exquisitely complicated to pull off, as some of the knots require great skill and complexity to accomplish. Nevertheless, the end result is a beautiful combination of fetishism and unconventional sensuality.

Yet the ropes wrap and braid more than skin and flesh. It is the id’s hungry desire that’s been subdued. The most intimate sexual desire of man or woman is manifested on those ropes, via the id. The need for submission, to relinquish control to another human being, is a clear manifestation of the id’s craving.

The rigger’s craft depends on the willingness of the subject to offer his or her body to be bound, and if such willingness exists, a sensual bond is established.

The ropes that crawl in a serpentine motion around the human curves, muscles, and cavities draw the id’s nectar out, pleasing it, placating it with a clear and unequivocal intent. The knots decorate the human canvas, and as they do, they enslave the id, subduing it and taking it to its rightful place of solace and sexual rapture.



Posted: June 26, 2015 in Erotica
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There is an inherent beauty to a bound female body. The ropes braid around both flesh and soul, coiling around limbs with soft, twisting, sinful absolution, bringing pleasure to the flesh and freedom to the spirit.

Such gift is the paradigm of trust and the culmination of the deepest of bonds between two human beings. The faith and reliance on one another surpasses any other feeling there is, to know that what is done, is done with the greatest of respects and dedication to your lover.

The female body thus becomes a blank canvas on which to express one’s gratitude, and more importantly, one’s creativity, because where there is willingness, anything is possible. Two lovers who trust each other become a force of nature, a maelstrom of energy which spews all around them. The ropes turn into conduits for such powerful beams of unseen intensity.

I firmly believe that lust and desire is the primordial basis upon which everything else is built upon. The drive to seek fulfilment in pleasure, and to pleasure others, usually negates all other emotions. And when such connection is mutual, there is no end to what is possible. To cross that threshold of mutual certitude and conviction in the other person’s feelings becomes nothing short of a faithful obsession, and thus the sexual encounter turns into a higher level experience that goes well beyond the mere physicality of it.

There is something else inside, something that is born out of a pool of desire from within, a feeling that permeates the lovers’ bodies and drives them on. Those ropes glow with the power of a thousand thrusts, and in the dark or in the light, there is no need to hide anymore.

The Keeper

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Feel the ropes braiding your body, these cords that transform your flesh into a work of artful submission. Taste the tight coils of binding desire wrapping around you.

I am your Keeper, I yearn to chasten you, to take you as I please. Your soul was born into bondage, let me shine a lustful light to guide it home.

Bend your arms and part your legs. The crimson streaks on your skin will carve your Master’s will. Let your Keeper quench your thirst for pleasure and pain. The palms of your hands under my gaze shall prove your devotion, show them to me. I will enter your body and make you rejoice in your thrall.

The rope that swathes around your body tightens its grip, biting into you as I thrust. Every muscle in your body feels the primordial, bewitching power weaved into it.

We become an entity of raw list as we live and fuck through this moonless night. Sounds of native symbiosis dispel our misguided inhibitions.

I am your Owner, your Lover

I am your Keeper, forever eternally.